In & around Kalimpong

This missionary school was set up by Dr. J A Graham in 1900 as an orphanage cum school for the destitute Anglo Indian children. It started only with one cottage that accommodated up to 35 children. Over the years it has grown as a well known multi religious and co-educational school spanning over 500 acres of lush landscape and having some 50 cottages.

It is located on the way to Deolo Hills. You can walk across to various parts of the school.

Close to Deolo there is a small rock garden in which you will find this nice statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a lotus position. This is only a quick stop over point and a good place to click a picture.

Situated at a height of 5500ft, Deolo is the highest point of Kalimpong town.The view from the Hill is a fantastic one. One can see the entire kalimpong Town, the magnificient Mt.Kanchenjunga,the surrounding villages and Relli valley on one side with the Teesta River on the other. 

It is one of the most popular destinations of Kalimpong where views are concerned. 

An excellent temple complex built in the memory of late Guruji Mangal Dasji and dedicated to Lord Krishna. Devotees come from faraway places. 

You get spectacular view of Jelepla Pass which once used to be a route for regular trade with Tibet. You can also see the confluence of river Teesta, Reang and Relli.

The view point is maintained by the army.

This Tibetan monastery is located on the Durpin hill and hence such name. The actual name is Zang Dog Palri monastery. It was built in 1972 and has some rare Buddhist scripts that were brought here by Dalai Lama from Tibet.

From the upper terrace of the monastery, you get magnificent views of Kalimpong town with Kanchenjunga in the background, the valley and the plains, Teesta & Reang rivers flowing down, and lovely tea estates of Peshoke area

The Pine view Nursery has the largest collection of cacti in the whole of Asia. It has over 1,500 different varities of cactus.

You get great view of Kalimpong town from the backside lawn.

Ever since it was constructed in the year 1890 - 91, this magnificent building has been the landmark of Kalimpong. This beautiful church was built on 1 Nov 1891 by the Scottish Missionaries.

In the early days the sermons were in 10 different languages for the purpose of spreading Christianity. These were – Bodo, Nepali, Bengali, Hindi, English, Chinese, Lepcha , Sanskrit, Urdu and Tibetan.

Situated about a kilometer from town , this meusuem has various articles of intrest for those who want to know about the Lepcha culture and heritage. The entire are of the darjeeling and Sikkim is known as The land of the Lepchas.

Various articles of worship, original lepcha musical instruments and many other articles can be found here.

A very new addition to the tourism of Kalimpong is the Science City. Located less than a kilometer away from Deolo Hill, this is a place which is of tremendous joy specially to the children.

A 9 hole golf course perched on a hill side with fabulous views this Army course will delight you with its quirks & twists. It’s a challenging layout as the undulating hilly terrain makes it difficult to gauge distances & one is often left short or long of the target. Located enrooted to the famous Durpin monastery this course is open to visitors.

It is located at elevation of about 4000 feet & makes for ideal golf as the mild weather conditions through most of the year make for a pleasant round of golf. It can get very cold in Dec /Jan though..