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Nature walk

Summit Hotels presents the perfect weather and the opportunity to discover the naturalist in you. Take a walk with us into nature and learn all about the birds and the beasts, and understand how each tree has a story to tell.


Mountain Biking

Kiss the wind and ride the heart pumping trail of adventure during your vacation. Darjeeling is the beautifully contoured city with windy roads, some great dirt roads, and a mountain biking park which makes it a perfect destination for adventure seekers.


River Rafting

Rushing towards the unbirdled water and compeating with the paralous rapids, one would realise that river rafting is the must have adventure experience. 



Fly like a bird, romance with the clouds and gaze at the beautiful horizon; the exhilerating paragliding experience adds an unforgettable memories to your travel diary.


Mountain Top Yoga & Meditation

What is better than starting your day with a light hike and then some yoga and meditation on a mountaintop, it is the best possible way of starting your day.

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Rock Climbing & Rappeling

Embark upon a breathtaking adventure and climb the challenging rocks. Every peak is a victory and every drop of sweat that touches the ground is a voice of your pride roaring not to give up.