Food & Culture Experience at Summit Hotels & Resorts

Travel tells us about a place’s secrets. There are a million things one must do when travelling so say yes to all the new adventures and this is
exactly what Summit Hotels & Resorts has planned for you. We want you to have once in a lifetime experience; as experience makes
memories and memories lasts forever.

Check out the experiences that we offer!

Tibetan Refugee centre, Summit Hotels & Resorts, Unique Experiences by Summit

Visit the Tibetan Refugee Centre (Darj)

Experience the Tibetan refugee centre and explore the story of the Dalai Lama and the soldiers.

Local Dance, Summit Hotels & Resorts, Unique Experiences by Summit

Local Dance Jam Session

Don't hesitate to join and experience something new, put on your dancing shoes to discover the mesmerizing world of Local dance!


Temple Tour
(Monastery Visit)

You can spend hours soaking in the temple culture and experience the local tradition and beliefs. We recommend you go in the early mornings or late afternoons.


Vineyard Tour in Bhutan

Feast your eyes on the vineyards set in the foothills, watch the grapes being picked, crushed and blended; we bring you the best of the wine tours!


Local Cuisines

There is a food for every mood so fall in love with our most authentic local Himalayan cuisines. Be it pickles from Darjeeling, momos from Sikkim or Ema dashi from Bhutan.

Mehndi Experience, Summit Hotels & Resorts, Unique Experiences by Summit

Mehndi Experience

Want to adorn your hands with some sweet smelling henna, then worry not because we have some local mehndi wallas who have your back.

Momos making, Summit Hotels & Resorts, Unique Experiences by Summit

Learn to make Momo / Thukpa

We see food as a bridge that brings us together so come have fun and learn some best recipes whilst your stay with us.

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Local School Visit

A unique experience into the local culture, visiting a village school is truly something that you will remember for a very long time. Here you will get a chance to meet children, interact with them. It is a great way to not just do something fun and also contribute to the learning of the children in creative manner.