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Shimla Wildlife Sanctuary Summit Hotels and Resorts Mashobra

Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Mashobra is often called the birdwatcher’s delight, and for very good reasons! The Reserve Forest Sanctuary in Mashobra houses one of Asia’s largest watersheds which acts as the source of water for Shimla and is among the best places to visit in Mashobra.

Mahasu Devta Temple near Summit Thisltle Villas Luxury Spa Resort Mashobra

Mahasu Devta Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva who is locally known as Mahasu Devta in the rural areas near Mashobra, Mahasu Devta temple is a popular shrine for the locals and a delight for travellers who come here to pay their respects. People derive immense pleasure by immersing in the peaceful aura of this holy sanctum.

Wildflower Hall Mashobra, Summit Hotels & Resorts

Wild Flower Hall

Located atop the Mahasu Peak at an elevation of 2,500 m, Wild Flower Hall is an epitome of unmatched luxury, beautiful decor and ambiance, and stunning views, which together make it one of the top Mashobra tourist attractions.

Lakkar Bazar Mashobra

Lakkar Bazar

Lakkar Bazaar is a fascinating marketplace near The Ridge in Shimla selling primarily wooden articles to locals and travelers.

Jakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu Temple

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman and located on the highest peak of Shimla at about 8,500 ft. Jakhu Temple is a famous temple complex that is said to be existing from the times of Ramayana.

Chadwick Falls Summit Thislte Villas Luxury Spa Resort Mashobra

Chadwick Falls

Nestled deep within the dense Glen Forest, Chadwick Waterfall is a breath-taking abode of nature with crystal clear water cascading down a massive gorge from a towering height of 86 meters.

Tattapani River near Summit Thistle Villas and Luxury Spa Mashobra

Tattapani River

Tattapani is a freshwater stream and an integral part of Mashobra places to visit owing to the fact that it is a great centre of adventure activities like river rafting.

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