Goblin Bar

The Sikkimese folklore is intriguing and rife with hair-raising tales and mysterious legends. Passed down over generations and best narrated by the elderly, the stories grip the imagination of even the most sceptical minds. One such legend revolves around the bon manchi, literally translated to the man of the forest. While there are variations in the description, the common belief is that it is a hairy, stocky, bow-legged and shy, but terrifying when provoked. 

When it comes to tales and legends, the Bon manchi can be compared to the goblins of the Western world. The mythical creatures make for engaging conversations fuelled by curiosity and maybe a few drinks. The bar and lounge Goblin at our hotel in Namchi is the perfect set up to do just that.

Goblin Bar at Summit Sobralia Resort Spa Namchi Hotels in Namchi

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