Creating a level playing field 3 -27

The magazine and media edition is very important for any brand to relay the message and when a magazine like FHRAI starts publishing our write-up, we as a Summit Hotels and Resorts feel we have made good ground in the field of hospitality. The magazines are an easy platform available to stay updated and in this contemporary world, if our thoughts are read by people across the globe, we feel it gives us an edge to build a brand image. Through this publication, we are pleased to announce that we are the largest Himalayan Hospitality brand and there could be no better option for travelers to explore The North East than with Summit Hotels and Resorts.

FHRAI columns is filled with productive take on hospitality industry of India, so when the opportunity came our way to share our thoughts focusing on North East Region, Mr. Mitruka penned down one of the most insightful article sharing his thoughts on different points.

We share our gratitude to FHRAI for receiving and publishing the article. All these little things for ambitious hospitality brand like Summit Hotels and Resorts matters a lot as it helps to convey our message to the mass who wish to know more about our growth and such an edition does a great deal to bring them closer to us.