Summit Hotels and Resorts celebrated its 12 years of establishment with the publishing of our banner on the front page of Travel Trade Journal, the most celebrated magazine featuring national and international hospitality brands.

Travel Trade Journal an international magazine with the distinction of publishing some of the finest travel and tour-related articles had Summit Hotels and Resorts banner on the front page.

The magazine for all good reasons is the most read travel magazine and the banner undoubtedly highlights how the largest Himalayan hospitality brand is building its presence across the most sought-after peaks of India similarly forecasting its hunger to conquer the rest.

The edition of the magazine when shipped to us we were flattered to see our banner and what could have been more inspiring than seeing the same when we are celebrating our 12 years of journey in the hospitality industry.

We Summit Hotels and Resorts a manifest of Incredible Himalayan Hospitality would like to thank TTJ for sharing our message through their informative magazine and wish them all the success in their future endeavor.

TTJ April 2022 1 -min