Covid-19 Deal at Summit Hotels & Resorts

It is no secret that the current coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt. Entire industries were forced to stop operating overnight and facing conditions that even the bleakest forecasts failed to predict. Travel and tourism have been one of the worst-hit in this pandemonium.

In these tough times, Summit Hotels and Resorts seek support from our patrons by offering them an exceedingly attractive value proposition.

Why Book This Offer?

  • Stay for 10 nights at Summit Hotels and Resorts all over India
  • The 10 RNS you get will be valid till 31st March 2023
  • Get BOGO on Spa treatments (applicable in properties where we have a Spa)
  • Get 10% off on Food & Beverages

Terms and Conditions:
  • Extra adult and/or child charges will be as applicable
  • The offer includes the only accommodation, all other meals will be chargeable
  • Bookings once created will be non-refundable
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer

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Covid-19 Deal FAQs

  • What is the final price for the offer?
    The final price for the offer will be INR 15,990 + 12% GST which amounts to INR 17,908.8
  • Do the 10 Room Nights have to be used at one go, or can they be broken into different holidays?
    You are free to break up your 10 Nights into as many smaller parts as you’d like to. You can have 10 bookings for 1 night each spread out however you like to 31st March 2023 or you can have 1 holiday for 10 Nights at one of our properties.
  • Can I book stays at different Summit properties under this offer, or do I have to book the stays at only one, or a few properties?
    You can book your stays at whichever Summit property you’d like to book your stay at.
  • Is there any restriction on bookings? Can we book on peak dates like Christmas, New Year’s etc.?
    You can book your stay whenever you like at whichever Summit property you like. There is absolutely no restriction of any kind on the property, or on the dates.
  • Which room category is included in this offer? Is there an option to upgrade the room category?
    The base room category is included in this offer for every property. You can upgrade to a higher room category at the time of booking by paying the differential amount between the base category and the category you choose, as per our website, at the time of booking your stay with us. Taxes will be charged on the differential amount.
  • Are any meals included in this offer? How can I also include meals in the offer if I want to?
    No meals are included in this offer. However, you can add the meals at the time of booking by paying the differential amount between the rates for no meals and the rates for whichever meals you would like to add as per our website. Taxes will be charged on the differential amount.
  • Can I use this offer to book multiple rooms on the same night? For example, can I book 5 rooms twice for 1 night under this offer?
    You can book multiple rooms in one property under this offer.
  • How do I book the rooms once I avail this offer?
    You will have to contact us at or call us at +91 83888 77888 to get your reservations processed. The reservations will be subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Can my friends or family avail of this offer if I buy it?
    Yes, your friends and family can stay with us instead of you. You will just have to send an email to and provide the details of who will be staying with us in your stead.
  • How will the 10% discount on food and beverages applied?
    The 10% discount will be applied to the total food and beverage bill during your stay. The discount will not be applied on alcoholic beverages.