Spa at Himalayan Tashi Phuntshok Hotel & Spa, Paro

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Repose!

The fast-paced daily life is bound to leave us tired, annoyed and stressed. Not only does it affect our physical health but bears negative effects on our mind and soul as well. A fine solution to re-live the stress-free days of happiness is the exuberant Spa at Himalayan Tashi Phuntshok Hotel & Spa, Paro.

Exhale a deep breath of relaxation as the skilled and experienced hands massage with finesse and care. Enjoy an aromatherapy and watch it fill your monochrome life with colours. Let your muscles relax, mind wander and soul attain peace with our massages and therapies. Experience the utmost felicity at our spa at one of the top hotels of Paro.