Monsoon Romantic Getaway

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Romantic Getaway Package: A Monsoon Escape in Kalimpong or Sikkim

Enjoy a Romantic Escape in the Misty Hills
Treat yourself and your loved one to a romantic getaway in the beautiful hills of Kalimpong or Sikkim this monsoon for just Rs. 12,499. Our Romantic Getaway Package offers everything you need for a perfect, love-filled escape.

What's Included:

Luxurious Room: Stay in a higher category room, specially decorated on your first night.
In-room Breakfast: Enjoy breakfast in your room with the soothing sound of rain.
Couples' Spa Treatment: Relax with a special 45-minute spa session for couples.
Romantic Dinner: Savor a private, candlelit dinner one night.
Choose Your Meal: Pick any meal you like for the other night.
Late Check-out: Take your time with our late check-out option.
  Create Special Moments
Imagine cozying up in a beautifully decorated room, enjoying breakfast in bed, and relaxing with a couples' spa treatment. Dine under the stars with a private candlelit dinner, and pick your favorite meal the next night. Enjoy every moment with a late check-out and peaceful walks through lush gardens.
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