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Discover the Heart of the Himalayas with POSHTEL
Welcome to POSHTEL in Meghma, where luxury meetsadventure. Nestled on the renowned Sandakphu trail, this unique accommodation combines the comforts of a posh hotel with the communal charm of a hostel, offering an unparalleled experience for trekkers and travelers alike.

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The Journey to Meghma
Meghma, aptly named "the land in the clouds," is situated 9 km from Maneybhanjeng. The journey to this picturesque village is an adventure in itself, whether you choose to trek through the Singalila National Park or take a nostalgic ride in a 1950s Land Rover.

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The Land Rover Experience
Traveling in a Land Rover to Meghma is an experience steeped in history. These classic vehicles were brought to Darjeeling by the British in 1958 to help transport tea on the region's challenging roads. The road from Maneybhanjeng to Sandakphu, one of the most arduous at the time, saw these robust vehicles replace horses, making multiple trips daily and transforming transportation in the area. Riding in one of these vintage Land Rovers today is like stepping back in time, offering a unique and nostalgic journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Singalila National Park.

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The POSHTEL Experience 
Upon arrival at our upscale hostel, guests are greeted by the charming stonework and intricate roof lattice reminiscent of an old-world farm cottage. Inside, the warm wooden interiors create a cozy atmosphere, and the POSHTEL CAFE offers breathtaking views of the rolling foothills and stunning sunsets. Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced meals prepared by our skilled chef, including the region's famous millet-based alcoholic drink, Tongba.

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Explore the Village of Meghma
Meghma is a serene village rich in history and culture. Visit the local monastery, where you can see the 108 statues of gods crafted by Bhutanese artisans and explore scriptures printed on handmade paper by local women. These scriptures, written in Tibet and brought back by a local man on horseback, have been preserved for generations, offering a glimpse into the village's rich spiritual heritage.

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Smallest Tea Factory
Another unique attraction in Meghma is the small tea plantation and processing factory. Established in 1999, this tea garden operates with traditional and organic practices. Although it was closed for some time, it has recently reopened and stands as one of the highest-altitude tea gardens in the region. Visitors can tour the factory to see how the tea leaves are dried and processed by hand, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. The garden is particularly known for its Oolong tea, which boasts honey notes and a distinctive aroma.

Local Artisans

Local Artisans and Entrepreneurs
Meghma is home to skilled artisans and entrepreneurs, each contributing to the village's vibrant culture. One of the local delicacies is "churpi," a hard cheese made in several Singalila villages. Visitors can observe the traditional cheese-making process, from cow to final product, and learn from the local experts who have perfected this craft.

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Day Trips and Adventures
Use POSHTEL Meghma as your basecamp to explore the surrounding areas. Trek to nearby villages like Tonglu and Kal Pokhri Lake, or simply enjoy the peaceful walks around Meghma. For those traveling from Siliguri, a stop in the quaint town of Mirik is a must, offering a serene lake, horse riding, paddle boats, and delightful local eateries.

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Plan your Visit
Join us at POSHTEL, Meghma for an unforgettable experience that goes beyond a typical vacation. Embrace the adventure, connect with local cultures, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas. Book your stay today and discover the perfect blend of luxury and adventure with Summit Hotels.