Events at Singalila Club

Embrace yourself for the bigger and better September as we bring you a list of comprehensive events that promise to keep you entertained throughout. The meticulously planned events in fact engulf the idea you shared considering the past events we had. So here we are with a list that stays true to the concept of alleviating your lifestyle because that’s what we do, introducing you to a transformative experience that leaves an everlasting impression in your head.


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Our Past Event

Awadh Food Festival

The great Indian Royal Food Festival hosted by Singalila Club corroborating the Nawabi elements and ingredients of Awadh cuisine was a perfect example of mindfulness of magnificence. The 5-day long food festival is a landmark in the history of culinary books wherein a historic plate craved by Nawabs of once a princely state was served with great finesse to cater to the needs of food lovers.

The thought of bringing the age-old food culture while preserving the authenticity of Awadhi cuisine was much appreciated by all and encouraged us to dwell more into our roots so we could adore your flavorful mind with taste from the book of legend.

Sundowner Pool Party

Sundowner Pool Party after Anyasa’s night was a major milestone for Singalila Club as the pool of crowd surfaced to make the event successful. Although a loom of cloud was hovering after a weather forecast did not work the way we wanted to but that did not discourage the people as the first-ever sundowner pool party organized by Singalila club on 15th May 2022 was well received by the crowd of Siliguri.

Night in Paris

Night in Paris, a themed event at Singalila Club was the highlight of the town with people enjoying the sensational evening with their friends and loved ones. The party was one of its kind for many reasons it was the first luxurious theme party with a demo effigy of Eifel tower besides that it had music, moment, and muse to send the thrills across the town of Siliguri.

Bengal India

The great fashion event of Mr. and Miss Bengal India induction ceremony was hosted with great zeal and excitement by Singalila. The ceremony cum pool party had a huge crowd going; it was one of the lively events where everything was just picture perfect. The event was exhilarating with people still talking about a simple moment was turn into an experience of a lifetime