Stefan Eric Erasmus
General Manager Singalila Club

Meet Mr. Erasmus, an efficient General Manager with over 25 years of experience in the Aviation and Hospitality Industry. He brings with him an unmatched stature of professionalism and class of experience in the operations department. After proving his worth in organizations he worked with before, Mr. Erasmus is with us now leading the team to transform Singalila into a whole new avenue for members and walk into advent.

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Palash Mistry
Executive Chef

Leading the pack of food artists, we introduce you to Palash Mistry, the Executive Chef of Singalila Club who indiscriminately holds the distinction in the world of cuisine. Mr. Mistry has been a great upholder of the kitchen for the last 22 years and now his roots are set firmly managing the craft of scullery to serve the guest with the finest gastronomy from the book of cooking.


Dharam Singh Bohara
F&B Manager

Mr. Bohara leads the F&B department of Singalila Club. Known for his knowledge and tactical brain he comes with a sound experience of 21 years in the F&B department. As a leader, he marshals his troops to meet the demands of the guests, and his expertise to handle the department no matter how big the event is really a great skill that aids in the smooth functioning of the Singalila F&B department.

Raj Kumar Chettri

Raj Kumar Chettri
Chef de Cuisine

Representing the art of cuisine, we present to you Mr. Raj Kumar Chettri a prolific chef whose expertise lies in executing some of the most sought-after cuisines of the world. Mr. Chettri association with the kitchen is intricate as he shares the experience of 20 years in the field and has toured the world of gastronomy to be pronounced as Chef de Cuisine of Singalila Club.

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Sujan Barman
Senior Chef De Partie

Holding the portfolio of Senior Chef de Party we have Sujan Barman with a resounding experience of 12 years in the field of cuisine. Mr. Barman is responsible for executing menus with colleagues beside that he ensures the adequacy of supplies so that the task is accomplished accordingly without a sign of concern.


Nikki Thulung Rai

Nikki’s association with Summit goes back to the days of 2019; she joined as a Front Office Supervisor at Summit Newa Regency and through her hard rose through the ranks and now handles the sales and administration of Singalila club while efficiently taking care of operations and guest relations of Summit Hotels and Resorts.


Lavanya Yonzon
Assistant Restaurant Manager

Appointed as a Restaurant Manager, Lavanya has a good role to play to ensure the smooth functioning of a global cuisine restaurant that has a name and fame of its own. Considering her experience and her association with some of the great brands in the hospitality industry, she seems to be a perfect professional for the post which demands tactical knowledge and courteous behaviour.

bikram rai

Bikram Rai
F&B Captain

Assisting our resourceful F&B Manager, we have Mr. Rai deputed as F&B Captain to carry the command of hierarchy to steer the team of stewards. Mr. Rai holds the impeccable experience of 14 years in this department and holds the reputation of working with some of the good names in the world of Hospitality.

Lobsang Bhutia

Lobsang Bhutia
Sr. Steward

Lobsang Bhutia joined Singalila Club in the capacity of Senior Steward and has a handsome experience of 6 years to carry forward the responsibilities assigned to him. Mr. Bhutia is a profound learner and as a team player brings a whole lot to the table accounting for the success of the entire steward team which is directly proportional to the success of Singalila Club


Anand Chettri
Trainee Captain

To utilize the professional and personal skills that Anand has learned over the span of 3 years while working with some of the top-notch hotels he has joined Singalila Club as a trainee captain to share his knowledge with new recruits of the club. We acknowledge his talent and believe his skills will definitely reflect in the work of the trainee


Rupen Sherpa

Joining the team of stewards is Rupen, this is his second stint the first being with Hotel Vyankatis, Mumbai for 6 months. His eagerness to learn and excel has landed him here and we hope his service will bring laurels to Singalila.


Passang Dorjee Lama

Fresh from the leg of the Sarovar group, Passang is a young, exciting talent joining the group of stewards at Singalila. For the record, he has 2 years of experience in a designated field and understands what is expected from him as he is already doing great in a nest of Singalila.


Priya Pradhan

Priya Pradhan with her hospitable traits and welcoming smile is a great asset as far as finding the right steward to host the guest is concerned. With an experience of over 18 months, she has found good feet to go ahead in this career and with the quality, she holds in dealing with guests, she definitely is a great member to have in a team and can win you a show at any day.

subham commi 2

Subham Limbu
Commi II

Responsible for preparing consistent, high-quality food products, Subham is a highly skilled assistant who goes about her business in a way he is expected to do. In the world of the kitchen, things do not go as per the plan but when you have assistants like Subham, work becomes easy as he devotes himself to the work he is assigned, resulting in great teamwork.


Bishal Tamang
Commi III

An integral part of the brigade of the kitchen, Bishal lends his hand in food preparation and presentation. As an accountable commi the base of the work starts from his yard so he is always on his toes ready and alert to render the service.


Enosh Darjee
Kitchen Helper

Thanks to a hygienic approach of Enosh the kitchen of Singalila is always disinfected and clean meeting the standard of a great multi-cuisine restaurant the club has. He for all reason is a humble character with a great knowledge of the work assigned to him perhaps he owns the role and does it in a way like no one does.


Sonali Goswami
Gym Trainer

Sonali Goswami, with over 8 years of experience in health and wellbeing is a bonafide trainer recruited to take care of the body's anatomy. She understands the importance of working out and knows exactly how beneficial the gym is and over the years she has turned herself into one of the finest trainers of Siliguri with an absolute record of transforming a human into a healthy body.

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Jayanti Barman
Senior Trainer

With a total experience of 11 years in the world of fitness and wellbeing, Jayanti is a versatile trainer with absolute knowledge of the field she is associated with. Jayanti along with a traditional style excels in a contemporary type of training. She has set a schedule so that each part of the body gets equal attention keeping your body in good shape and your brain sharp and active.