This was a mere coincident of booking this hotel (Summit Golden Crescent) through an online site , but for sure a stay which will remain a nostalgic effect for the rest of my life. It all started right from the arrival at the hotel, a warm greeting offered from the ever courteous Manager Mr Lama, which remains followed till we bid adieu to the hotel. The rest of the crew was also of the similar breed. The furniture, choice of painting and interior decoration all was just a state of art piece. Rooms are airy and spacious and offers a picturesque view of snow cladded kanchanjanga range right from your room. Rooftop restaurants are just the cherry on the cake with a mesmerising backdrop of scenic beauty of mountain ranges n nature's delight.

I checked-in with my friend a month ago. It boasts a nice location, pretty close to the airport, nice hotel ambience, warm & friendly host.