Update Regarding Coronavirus

We, at Summit Hotels & Resorts, are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests and employees.

We adhere to all the best practices recommended by F.H.R.A.I and the W.H.O. We take numerous precautions to ensure a safe stay for our guests and would like to highlight some of them below:

• On arrival at the hotel, the luggage of the guests will be sanitized and they will also be encouraged to sanitize theirs hands before proceeding with any of the check-in formalities.
• The body temperature of the guests will also be checked via an infrared thermometer on arrival.
• The team at the Front Desk will be required to wear masks and gloves, and will be required to sanitize their hands regularly. For our guests perusal, masks and gloves will be available at the Reception.
• All guests will be required to sign an undertaking stating that they, and all members of their party are healthy and will also be required to provide a list of all places they have visited in the past 21 days.

Escort to the Room:
• In the elevators, only two people will be at a time.
• Keys/Key Cards will be sanitized before being handed over to the guest.
• The bellboy will hand over the luggage to the guest at the door, and will not enter the room.

In the Room:
• The rooms would be quarantined for 48 hours, post any check-out. Post check-out, all unused amenities will be discarded. Special attention will be given to common touch points like door handles, telephones, furniture etc.
• The bed and bath linen will be washed in hot water at over 70 degrees Celsius, to effectively sterilize them, and will be stored, where they would remain untouched.
• We will be removing non necessary amenities like electric kettles from the rooms in order to reduce risk of transmission. However, they will be provided on request.
• Room-service menus have been removed from the rooms. However, a set menu would be available, in printed form, and anything else that guests may require, can be ordered through In-Room Dining. This menu can also be sent to you electronically.

In the Bathroom:
• All bathroom fixtures, fittings and walls will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every check out.

In the Restaurant:
• Sanitizers will be placed at the entrance to the restaurant, and guests would be encouraged to use these.
• The seating has been modified, to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
• Our stewards would be required to wear masks and gloves.
• The stewards who serve the guests, will be different from those who will clear away used dishes.
• The tables will not be set with crockery, cutlery and cruet sets.
• Everything would be brought in, fresh from the pantry, which would be sanitized.
• We will encourage our guests to opt for room-service over dining in the restaurant.
• There will be a set menu for the day. Electronic menus would be used.

In the Hotel:
• Notices will be placed in the hotel to let guests know about the areas that have been sanitized. These notices will also indicate non-operational areas like the swimming pool, SPA and activity areas.
• These notices will also indicate the precautions that guests are required to take, for their well-being, for the duration of their stay.
• Misting machines will be in place, to spray areas which cannot be mopped, like the parking lot, and the hotel grounds.
• Records will be maintained, pertaining to the occupation and cleaning of the rooms, as well as the staff responsible for the cleaning.
• Our employees will also abide by social distancing guidelines. Their temperature will be checked when they come in to work, and post that, once every three hours. An employee found to be unwell, will be taken immediately to the local health-care facility.
• Our teams are regularly being trained on personal hygiene, hand-washing, sanitizing, and respiratory etiquette. They will be briefed on taking precautions to keep themselves and others around them safe in the hotels.
• They are being updated on new directives relayed by the government, and are also being trained to identify guests and/or other employees who may display signs of illness. 
• We are regularly modifying our guest service protocols, to abide by the guidelines set by the Government and WHO.

Abiding by the set guidelines, should ensure that our guests and employees emerge unscathed from this pandemic.