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This temple has the world's largest Hanuman statue, which is visible from most parts of Shimla. Visit the temple, to view this statue upright and strain your neck a bit admiring its magnificence.

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Literally meaning hot water in Hindi, Tattapani is a small village located 51km away from Shimla. This place is famous for hot water springs and the famous Shiva caves.

Ridge Shimla, Summit Hotels & Resorts


This is the most popular point in Shimla. Located on the Mall road, at the heart of Shimla, this is a much loved and enjoyed stretch here, where visitors come and soak themselves in the views of surrounding areas.

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Kalka-Shimla mail route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site giving it well-deserved prominence. Constructed in 1898, the rail route features some breathtaking view of landscapes and villages while traversing through the mountains. There are more than a 100 tunnels and approximately 850 bridges along the route. Ensure that you take a ride during your holidays in Shimla.

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Mall Road


Mall Road in Shimla is one of the most important landmarks in the state. This sprawling shopping street is known for its colorful vibrancy, the multitude of options, the stunning weather, and some warm-hearted people. This is one of the major spots where tourist and locals both gather alike and exchange words and gossips. Visit the mall road to purchase some impressive souvenirs. 

Kufri Hills Shimla


While in Shimla, visit its colder, higher and less crowded cousin, Kufri just 13 km away from the main town. The views and sceneries here only get better, and the landscapes more flattering, a bit untouched with the tourist rush.

Himalayan Bird Park Shimla

Himalayan Bird Park

Walk through this park, to browse through a modest, yet colorful and vibrant collection of the Himachal state bird, the Monal Pheasant.

Tara Devi Temple Shimla, Summit Hotels & Resorts

Tara Devi Temple

Dedicated to the Goddess of stars, the Tara Devi temple, is located on a mountain peak, with air of spirituality about it. There are a number of legends and tales to the origins of the temple, making it a simple yet subtly fascinating experience.


Christ Church

A sublime architectural grandeur, the Christ Church is a wonderful insignia of Christianity commanding the perfect location since the era of colonialism. Apart from being a religious hub of Christian the church is a cultural hotspot with local people associating the glory with the pride of Shimla.

Shimla State Museum

Shimla State Museum

Unboxing the rich history collected since time immemorial, the Shimla State Museum which used to be a private residence of Lord Beresford is now a historic site for people to witness the ancient sculptures, photographs, artworks, and rich collection of coins. The museum is home to more than 10000 books, journals, and magazines taking you on a historic journey of Shimla.

Scandal point

Scandal point

Scandal point is amongst the busiest tourist places in Shimla b bearing the historic saga of love that bloomed between the Maharaja of Patiala and the daughter of the British Viceroy. The iconic tale states that they met at the Scandal point before escaping away to formalize their love. There are other interesting scripts and stories but it all seems vague unless you come here to witness the charm of scandal point.

Chadwick Waterfall

Amidst the lush greenery of Glen Forest, you have a towering gorge drained by a cascading Chadwick waterfall which is of course the most sought-after tourist place to visit in Shimla. The trek to Chadwick though demanding but is amazingly adventurous and once you land here the blissful breeze that flows to soothe the environment carries a fragrance of exotic followers dancing along with the beats of wind.