Poshtel, Meghma , Sandakphu By Summit

An Elevated Hostel Experience at Sandakphu

Cherish the unparalleled elegance and comfort at Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit — your ultimate getaway to the majestic Himalayas. Situated in an idyllic location, Poshtel Meghma promises an experience that blends affordability with luxury. Our cosy yet chic accommodations are equipped with plush bedding, private lockers, and the assurance of advanced security, ensuring every moment is comfortable and safe.  

Our hotel is just not a place to stay, it is a vibrant community.  Whether you are a leisure traveller seeking a peaceful retreat from the digital world or a trekker and nature enthusiast, we offer a unique blend of community and luxury, making each visit a discovery.

Step into Poshtel, where every stay is an experience, every view has a story, and every guest is a friend. Join us to make your travel experience unforgettable.


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A picture of the Private En-Suite room of Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit

Enjoy privacy and comfort in our 180-sq. ft. Deluxe Room. Perfect for up to four guests, it features stylish decor, a king-size bed, and luxurious amenities, offering a tranquil retreat within the vibrant atmosphere of Sandakphu.


Image of the bunk beds - Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit

Experience the perfect retreat for female travellers in our 250-sq. ft. Four-Bedded Female Dormitory, featuring modern furnishings, bunk beds, and an attached washroom for ultimate comfort and privacy in a social setting.

a image of the room with bunk beds- Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit

Discover adventure at Poshtel Meghma Sandakphu by Summit. Our Four-Bedded Mixed Dormitories feature bunk beds and modern furnishings in a communal setting, making it ideal for groups or solo travellers looking to connect and explore.

A picture of the well furnished  Private En-Suite room of Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit

Experience comfort in our 250-sq.ft. Four-Bedded Ensuite Rooms at Poshtel Meghma Sandakphu. Ideal for up to four guests, featuring modern furnishings and amenities for a cosy mountain retreat.


Foods and Beverages

Alpina Restaurant

Savour the flavours of Alpina Multi Cuisine Restaurant at Poshtel, Meghma,  Sandakphu by Summit. Enjoy a menu that combines local and international dishes with fresh ingredients. Our restaurant offers a unique dining experience that complements your adventurous stay.

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 A picture of the in-house restaurant of A picture of the Private En-Suite room of Poshtel, Meghma, Sandakphu by Summit

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Darjeeling, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is the ideal place to unwind. Your summer vacation destination will surely be enhanced by the undulating tea farms, winding roads that lead to breathtaking views at every bend and diverse aroma of tea.

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