Places to Visit in Lansdowne

Tourist Spots in Lansdowne - Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple
Surrounded by lush Deodar trees, the sacred Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple is perched at an altitude of 1800 m. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and sees a huge crowd of devotees every year. It is at a distance of 38 km from Lansdowne.

Tourist Spots in Lansdowne - Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is one of the must-visit tourist places in Lansdowene. This wildlife sanctuary is spread across a massive 300 sq. km. and houses more than 100 tigers. You can take a jungle safari and catch a glimpse of the big cats in action!

Tourist Spots in Lansdowne - War Memorial

War Memorial
Established in 1923 by Lord Rawlinson of Trent, War Memorial gives you an insight into the history and achievements of Garhwal Regiment. It is situated at the Parade Ground and is a popular tourist spot in Lansdowne.


Snow Viewpoint
Snow Viewpoint is among the top tourist spots in Lansdowne, and offers breathtaking views of the lush green forests, snow-capped mountains and river valleys. You can easily reach the viewpoint via a short trek.