Explore Lachung (North Sikkim)

Yumthang Valley Summit Hotel and Resorts Lachung

Yumthang Valley – A small slice of heaven

This valley is one of the top Lachung tourist attractions, and missing out on its hidden beauty would be a disaster. It is home to a stunning array of Himalayan flowers, twenty-four kinds in total, and is so popularly known as the Valley of Flowers. Each stride on the lovely and flower-strewn grassy plains will provide an extravagant experience that has the power to keep you in a state of calm and serenity for a lifetime.

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Lachung Monastery

One of the city's main attractions is the historically and religiously significant Lachung Monastery. Despite the hustle and bustle of hundreds of tourists, this intriguing monastery is regarded as being a calm haven. The monastery is a major attraction that one should not miss while on vacation in Lachung.

Gurudongmar Lake Lachung

Gurudongmar Lake

When lakes are concerned in Sikkim, one cannot overlook Gurudongmar Lake, which is one of the best spots to visit in Lachung. This lake, located at an elevation of 5430 metres, is one of the origins of the sacred Teesta river.

Chopta Valley Summit Alpine Resort Lachung

Chopta Valley

A valley of snow: If you desire to view the vibrancy of a rainbow, don't miss visiting Chopta valley, a prominent Lachung tourist destination, especially during the spring season.

Yumesadong Summit Alpine Resort Lachung


This location, sometimes known as the Zero-Point, marks the end of Yumthang Valley. This stunning site, near the Indo-China border, is very significant. The Zero-point is located at an elevation of 15,300 feet above mean sea level, making it one of the most challenging to access yet behold magnificent sites in Lachung.

Chungthang Lachung


When in Lachung, explore Chungthang, a historical town and a magnificent base camp for visiting sites like Katao, Thangu, and the Tibet border, among others.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls Lachung, Summit Hotels & Resorts

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

It is one of India's most popular waterfalls and one of the top attractions for sightseeing in Lachung. When trekking in Lachung, it's fantastic to witness this waterfall and appreciate nature's splendour.

Mangan Lachung


Mangan is a market centre and a base town on the way to Lachung. It is also North Sikkim's district capital. The breathtaking vista of the well-known Kanchenjunga range is the frosting on the cake here.