Do you have fixed rates?
Our rates are dynamic that vary according to the availability and demand. 

What is dynamic pricing rate?
Dynamic pricing rate is the strategy in which the business sets the flexible rate for products or services that based on current market demands and availability. 

Why do you have dynamic pricing rates?
Our rate depends upon the availability and seasonal demand. Some periods such as holidays, festivals and major events may witness increased demand in hotel rooms. So in order to set rates according to real-time based on availability and demand we need to keep our rates dynamic.

Do you offer special rates for check-ins with children?
Summit Hotels and Resorts offer family-friendly rates across all their properties. The rates for accommodation for children are as below:

PlanUp to 3 years
3 – 8 years
(Child with no bed)
8 years and above
(Child with bed)
European Plan (EP)NA5001000
Continental Plan (CP)NA7501250
Modified American Plan (MAP)NA12501750
American Plan (AP)NA17502250

*Prices in INR.Taxes as applicable.    
**Extra bed for all children will be charged as child with bed  

What are CP and MAP?
CP and MAP are meal plans. Continental Plan (CP) includes bed and breakfast. Modified American Plan (MAP) includes bed, breakfast and dinner. There are also other meal plans like European Plan (EP) which includes bed only and American Plan (AP) includes bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can select meal plans based on their preference and itinerary. 

What are the laundry charges?
The laundry charges can be obtained from the front desk or housekeeping at our properties. We offer affordable rates for the various items of clothing for men, women and children.

What is the cost of the buffet?
We offer buffet for breakfast and dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Rates may vary from property to property and destination to destination. 

What is the cost of extra bed(s)?

PlanRate (INR)
European Plan (EP)1000
Continental Plan (CP)1250
Modified American Plan (MAP)1750
American Plan (AP)2250

*Taxes as applicable

Do you have separate rates for groups and offer corporate discounts?
Summit Hotels & Resorts offer special rates for groups and offer corporate discounts. For details, please visit our b2b website

Do you have same rates for all properties in a single destination?
In destinations where we have various properties, there are also different categories of rooms. The tariff and rates in a single destination vary from property to property.