Cosy Hill View Rooms

PPF01267 (Large)

Our Premium Room with an awe-inspiring view of mountain and river is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. Spaciously expanded across 200 sq. ft. our rooms are equipped with king sized bed, bedside drawer, work desk and large windows that facilitates ventilation.

PPF01511 (Large)

Boasting an expansive 250 sq. ft. our Premium Room with Balcony, Mountain and River view offers a breathtaking fusion of natural beauty and modern comfort.

PPF01292 (Large)

Our Premium Plus with Balcony, Mountain and River View  is an exclusive retreat spanning a generous 280 sq. ft. with a picturesque natural setting. Relish yourself with picturesque view of surrounding mountains and tranquil river. 

PPF01102 (Large)

Our Premium Room with Lake and Mountain View spanning across 250 sq. ft. offers a luxurious and immersive accommodation for travelers seeking to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life while enjoying top-notch accommodations.

PPF01403 (Large)

Our Penthouse expanding across 300 sq. ft. along with Balcony, Mountain and River View represents pinnacle of luxury set in breath-taking natural surroundings. The expansive balcony is a true sanctuary from where you can soak in a stunning view of mountains and river.

PPF01161 (Large)

Designed with high-end furnishing and decors our Penthouse with Lake View offers private oasis for guests to relax while taking in the breath-taking views of lake from the expansive windows.

PPF01138 (Large)

Our Penthouse (avg 300 sq. ft.) with Balcony, Lake View and Mountain View render you a higher degree of comfort with a serene ambience. Our penthouse is tastefully designed with fascinating designs and modern amenities to provide you with the best comfort.