USK 8625 6 7

Sprawled across 280 sq. ft., our Deluxe Rooms with Private Balcony are spaciously built to accommodate 5 guests. Designed with an aesthetic wooden interior, these rooms feature a spacious balcony overlooking the city.

025B0925 6 7 (Large)

Spreading across 300 sq. ft., our Premium Rooms with Private Balcony provides ample space rendering a comfortable stay. Our generally sized balcony also offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

025B0835 6 7 Large

Designed to perfection, our Family Rooms with Private Balcony (avg 330 sq. ft.) are spacious with a tendency of accommodating maximum of to 6 guests. Rooms also offer variety of cutting-edge amenities like Wi-Fi, LED TV, mini fridge, toiletries and many more.


USK 8529 30 31

Spanning across 450 sq. ft., our King Suites are spread can easily accommodate 5 guests with all the modern accessibility. You can also step out onto your own personal oasis while taking in breath-taking views of surroundings from the balcony.