Yoga - The Art of Living

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The practice of ancient Indian Art is now internationally recognized as the new way of the art of living. The correct posture with consistent practice not just activates the chakras but leads to a path to the healthy life that we wish to live, that’s why we have incorporated the positive exercise of Yoga for the welfare of our member.

Meet the Instructor

Jayanti Barman, a certified Yoga trainer with an experience of 8 years will guide your morning and evening with a realm of yoga connecting you with the positive spiritualism of life. Her extensive knowledge will not just help you to gain confidence in yoga carpet but a regular session with her will introduce you to a new high of life i.e. YOGA, a healthy tradition of life.

Jayanti for the fact is not just a Yoga trainer her expertise makes her an incredible gym instructor, so you see Jayanti's versatility makes her a great teacher who is certainly a great accomplice to have around to inspire health and well being

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