Sports Facilities at Singalila

At Singalila, we believe in propagating healthy competition and a good sporting spirit. Indulge in the simple joys of playing your favourite games with your friends and loved ones at our sports club in Siliguri, for an incredible time!

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The squash court of Singalila club meets all the international parameters to give players a world-class experience when playing a game. The dimensionally curated court is just an instance of how the Singalila club is conscious about the lifestyle you yearn to live.

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A king of indoor games, chess is not just a clever movement of pawns in white and black squares; it is a game of intensity. But at Singalila, we assume things to go a little subtle but competitive.

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The hardcourt designed to host the game of badminton is well fabricated to amaze shuttlers and amateur players to invest their time in learning or improving the art of badminton. So come and flex your muscles to get the shuttle flying.

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Just next to our futsal ground, the basketball court is a wonderful addition to give that complete look to the collection of sport and wellbeing. To bounce off the stress, you are invited to schedule a game and net the ball to score the points.

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Box cricket is a different buzz altogether when you try swinging the bat at a luxurious synthetic turf of Singalila Club. The perfect recreational activity can be enjoyed by a group of people or with friends and family to create a good moment to laugh about.

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Weekend cycling adventures for all ages and skill levels. Cherish unforgettable moments with loved ones. Join us and create lasting memories on two wheels!

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Futsal is a new trend to try. Corresponding to the health benefits, the game not only lives to the expectation but brings energy and excitement. The futsal ground of our club is an instance of greenery manicured perfectly with the synthetic surface for the safety of players. In response to a craze of recreation, the game of futsal we believe is a wonderful initiative to uphold the dictates of well-being and lifestyle.

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Children's Play Area

While you check out the numerous sporting facilities offered at our club, your children can have a great time too at our Children's Play Area. Our well-trained staff will keep an eye on the toddlers and children, ensuring a relaxed and fun experience at our luxurious lifestyle and sports club. What’s more intriguing is the kid’s playground has been classified into indoor and outdoor so that your Lil champ could make the most out of the facilities.