And So The Best Hotel in Kaziranga, Assam Prevails

Into the wilderness of Assam, there is a nature-inspired hotel in Kaziranga, a prodigy of Summit Hotels and Resorts. The Summit Green Village Resort, a fine work of art sensationally represents the beauty and beyond to give travelers an offbeat experience that simply highlights how nature produce could be used to craft luxury rooms to introduce travelers to a distinct experience of life.


Pampered by the dense diversity of lush greenery, the Summit Green Village Resort, Kaziranga embarks upon the holistic way to welcome the guests into its corridor to address their great expectations. Owing to its quaint location, there are not many hotels in Kaziranga except Summit Green Village which is absolutely paramount of comfort and luxury.

Hotel near Kaziranga National Park

The most charismatic and inviting feature that this Resort has is, that the Kaziranga National Park is at the closest proximity hardly half an hour drive away from here which in itself is a commendable aspect that gives it an edge over other hotels in Kaziranga.

With Summit Green Village Resort, your desire to escape into the wilds of Kaziranga experiencing the adventure of Jungle Safari will come into full bloom as it is the only branded hotel near Kaziranga National Park.

Categorized rooms

What they have done so brilliant is the catalog of rooms which is simply classified into two categories wherein the other hotels in Kaziranga and for that matter in Assam have segregated rooms in numbers with almost the same facilities creating confusion in the minds of travelers. In Summit Green Village, the rooms are categorized into premium Villa and Deluxe Villa and carry their own essence of comfort and convenience.

It is without a shade of a doubt the rooms that Summit Green Village Resort has crafted are the best rooms by any hotel near Kaziranga National Park.

Kholong-the caved multi-cuisine restaurant

Kholong, an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant near Kaziranga National Park is a unique concept that defies the popularity of rooftop and open-air restaurants. Designed by a renowned art director and designer of Ramoji Roy Mr Nitish Roy, the restaurant is a sign of any 5-star Hotel in Kaziranga. The cave restaurant depicts the aboriginal culture with stone conjuring the dome shape structure, the setting is absolutely something not conceived or conceptualized by any other hotels near Kaziranga National Park.

Live kitchen

What do you really look for when you book a hotel in Kaziranga, well if your answer is food then Summit Green Village, the best hotel in Kaziranga has got a live kitchen where a sprawling lawn serves as a dining area with the chef preparing a cuisine as per your specification and preference. The idea behind the live kitchen is to allow guests to soak in the beauty of the outdoor, the live kitchen absolutely hygienic and appealing is perfect for family and friends to nest together and enjoy a quick brunch absorbing the beauty of nature.

The adventurous environment

Summit Green Village, a hotel in Kaziranga stands out on so many things, like a story it creates excitement in a heart of a traveler for instance the environment as a whole truly surprises and lives up to the expectation. The humungous statue of King Kong with a wrecked helicopter, a wonderful bridge over a serene lake connecting the lawn area, a bonfire set-up, a vast expanse of tea estate, and a playground with children's equipment are some of the inviting features of the Green Village, the top rated resort in Kaziranga.

Play area

The Summit Green Village, the only luxury resort in Kaziranga is the most family-friendly place to stay; the play area perhaps if you are coming with children could be great fun for them as they might want to spend some time playing with toys and tools installed for their entertainment.

So, there you have it Summit Green Village, a wonderful hotel near Kaziranga National Park for you to advent if you are planning a wildlife visit in Kaziranga National Park. The hotel is not just inspired by the art of nature but is located approximately half an hour away from the park making it easy for you to travel and return to your favorite hotel Summit Green Village.