Book your stay with These 6 best hotels in Gangtok

Since time immemorial, the idea of travel has always been dear to the people around the world not just because it offers a much-needed space to redeem oneself but simultaneously bids the opportunity to explore and understand the diversity around. The growth in the tourism sector is a living testimonial to justify the above statement at the same time it clearly supports the fact how deeply we are associated with the world we dream to explore.

Gangtok, a souvenir of Himalaya

Nestled in the womb of the Himalayas, this tiny hill station is the bliss of nature with clouds playing a poetic union with an infinite sky. Challenging the rugged Himalayan environment, the tourism infrastructure is second to none, the pleasantries of hospitable weather conditions perhaps align perfectly like a jewel in a crown to invite footfalls from around the world.

Summit Hotels and resorts a sole representative of wonderful hospitality

Summit for all the reasons is an emissary of hospitality, the core idea of exceptional value and exceptional service is written all over the working mechanism but there are elements like location, affordability, amenities, elegance, ambiance, and art of culinary allied unmistakably to sketch your stay with a stroke of marvelous unimaginable colors.

Summit Golden Crescent Resort and Spa


Adorning the culture of Sikkim in its walls and set pieces of decorative, the Summit Golden Crescent proclaims the art of hosting business and leisure stay in an impeccable manner. Stunningly comfortable rooms are categorized in accordance which in turn makes it the best family-friendly hotel in Gangtok.

The wellness of the spa and rooftop restaurants is easy on eye to complement the dynamism beside the children’s area, lounge, and banquet facility serenely summarizes the hospitality of one of the best hotels to stay in Gangtok.


Summit Norling Resort and Spa


Bejeweled with rusty ambiance, the elegance of Summit Norling is effortlessly distinct and satisfying. Perhaps the harmony of stillness intertwined with the solace of nature has got the hotel to be compared with some of the best honeymoon hotels in Gangtok for couples.

The rooms of the resort are cataloged into 4 different categories to represent the will of the tourist and the restaurant cum bar run in a parallel line to seduce them into an enchantment of courteousness.

The nature enthusiast will sensationally find their interest lurking in the dense woods and those bewitching bends in the trails of the nature walk will expose you to a heavenly feeling called tranquility.


Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel and Spa


Pinged with a panoramic view of the surroundings, Summit Ttakshang is an oasis of conveniences. In compliance with Himalayan custom, the hospitality highlights the very own Sikkim culture and when compiled with contemporary amenities, the Ttakshang becomes a work of art dedicated to mollify the whims of the tourist.

What amplifies more along with its gratifying services is its location which is very central and connected to mercurial tourist destinations making it one of the most sought-after hotels in MG Marg, Gangtok. Besides that, well-classified rooms are crafted to stimulate positivity to connect with the greater part of the world.


Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa


Exclusively comforting, the Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa is one of the nonchalant hotels in Gangtok that opens to a spellbinding view of the mountains and surroundings. The location of course adds to an element of its popularity as it is amongst those hotels in Gangtok that is set very close to MG Marg and considering its distance you can put it under a bracket of hotels in MG Marg Gangtok.

The wonderfully crafted rooms accustomed by equally stunning views offer salvation to the mind and for a taste; the aesthetically coroneted restaurant accounts for food, comfort, and nourishment.


Summit Alpine Abode Hotel

Embrace yourself for a luxurious experience by booking a stay with Summit Alpine Abode, the newest landmark of hospitality in Gangtok. The hotel is the newest addition to the Summit chain of hotels and undoubtedly the most iconic as it has all the modern amenities required to host the guest in an arm of comfort.

The lavishly luxurious hotel is studded with the finest decorative available and the gorgeous ambiance adds the rainbow of colors to make your stay comfortable in Summit Alpine Abode-some of the most hospitable hotels in Gangtok.

facade - Summit Alpine Abode Hotel

Explore a slice of heaven called ‘Gangtok’

If a stay in Gangtok is incomplete without getting indulge in the warm Himalayan hospitality of Summit hotels and resorts in the same way an experience of exposure is demeaned without exploring the streets and bends of Gangtok. So let’s discover the beauty around and exchange a culture to usher into a journey of complete assimilation with a very own Gangtok, spruce of North East.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake: tucked sacredly in East Sikkim, the Glacial Lake is an apostle of myths and folklore. An abundance of beauty sings laurels of a placid lake and a silent thrill echo in the snow-clad mountains. The surreal landscape though rugged and rocky but the scenic surroundings never fail to amuse and enchant travelers.

At a distance of roughly 37 km from the MG Marg, the drive to Tsomgo Lake itself is a feeling with twirling roads introducing you to a picturesque backdrop at regular intervals. With the cascading waterfalls, blooms of spring with heart-wrenching colors, and magnetic view of the mountains stretching towards the mound of China, the Tsomgo Lake is a consecrated road leading towards a path of salvation.

How to reach: for convenient travel you can rent a car from Gangtok.

Best time to visit: for bird watchers and snow lovers, the month from October to December is ideal. For a glistening scene of rhododendrons and primulas painting the surroundings with a wealth of colors, the month of April to May is perfect.

Tashi View Point

Tashi View Point: immerse into a beauty of panorama when the sun goes down slowly spraying its dying shades upon peaks of Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu and in the cracking of dawn behold the serenity as the sun gently starts glowing from the edge of the east spreading its light upon the ever opulent valley of Gangtok.

The viewpoint just 8 km away from the town is one of the hottest properties of Sikkim tourism and with telescope and binoculars installed currently; the view of the surrounding honestly will melt into memories like the smooth texture of caramel.

How to reach: from the main town, you can share a cab or privately book in accordance to your convenience.

Best time to visit: Considering travelers' expectation of a clear sky, the month from March to June is a perfect season to drop in.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology: preserving the history, art, culture, language, and religion of Tibetans since 1958, the institute is a cauldron signifying the relevance of Tibetan custom and conventions. Their inventory is as intriguing as their legacy fostering wisdom and the museum shades an impartial light on the folklore inciting the attention of the world.

How to reach: since it is just 2 km away from the main town, travelers can opt for a taxi or book a cab to reach here.

Best time to visit: throughout the year

Banjhakri falls

Banjhakri falls: considering the legacy of shamans, the place holds distinct importance in a religious plethora of Gangtok. It is believed that the atmosphere is blessed with divine power to ward off evil. Accounting to such myths, the cascading falls is one of the best tourist destinations for sightseeing. Besides its celestial connection, the Bhanjhakri falls is blessed with natural beauty and because it is at a driving distance from the main town, travelers love to mark their presence here.

How to reach: a tourist is suggested to book a cab as it is 8 km away from the MG Marg.

Best time to visit: season of summer from March to June and season before winter and winter is regarded best time to pay a visit here.

MG Marg

MG Marg: a cultural and social square of Gangtok, MG Marg incorporates an essence of festival and carnival. The long stretch of the aisle is marked with hotels, shops, cafés, etc. The pedestrian zone is a melting pot attracting locals and tourists making it a cultural trivia adored by all.

How to reach Gangtok

By air: Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is at a distance of about 124 km away from Gangtok. Once you land here, you can expect to see a host of taxis and cabs ready to drive you to Gangtok.

By train: New Jalpaiguri, the nearest railway station to Gangtok is about 117 km. The roadways are well connected so don’t worry about the cab, you will find ample lining outside the station to take you to Gangtok.

By road: a channel of roads interlinked with state highways and national highways makes it easy for travelers to reach Gangtok. From Siliguri, the transit point Gangtok is 110 km away and it takes roughly 4 hours to reach the hill station.

Best time to visit Gangtok

The travel months can be categorized into two sections, the first tourist season starts from April to June and the second season starts from October to March. The first season is primarily a summer when the weather is warm and pleasant whereas the second one is a festive season combined with the chill of winter and blooms of spring.