Wedding venues in Kalimpong

Thinking of a romantic wedding in the Himalayas, don’t worry we bring you the best wedding venue in Kalimpong in the form of Summit Barsana Resort and Spa, an unchallenged destination in a lovely little hamlet of Kalimpong where the wedding is not just an occasion but a celebration of union.

Summit Barsana Resort and Spa

Summit Barsana Resort and Spa is a classic example of a premium resort where staycation and weddings are hosted to give a fairytale experience to travelers and couples. The resort is out and out amongst the best wedding venues in Kalimpong. Besides that, the spacious banquet hall is often booked by the local populace to host parties and other important social and corporate events.

The best location in town

Away from the melting pot of the crowd, the location of Summit Barsana overlooks the magnificent valley and overlapping hills. The sprawling lawn of the resort acts as a mirror reflecting the gorgeous glamour of the town while the other end gets you close to the serene beauty of nature. Because the location although away but not far from the town, the guests will find it easy to navigate to join the event to shower their opulent blessings upon the bride and groom.

To have the best wedding location in Kalimpong has helped the resort to craft the reputation but they have worked their way hard to be here, they have hosted countless memorable weddings in their wedding hall which is by far the best wedding hall in Kalimpong with all the amenities placed perfectly to give you a truly celebratory experience of life.

In-house wedding planner

When you choose to book your wedding with Summit Barsana Resort and Spa, the most effective thing that will come along is the priceless inputs and ideas of our in-house wedding planner. The idea of having a wedding planner is to ensure that there are no humps and hiccups.

Wedding to be honest is not an easy event and because it carries so much importance in a life of two families barring minute aspects all the elements need to run as a compartment in a parallel line and that’s where the expertise of a wedding planner comes handy to cut down the work making it simple and sensible for all.

In-house wedding decorator

There is a reason why Summit Barsana is often labeled as some of the best wedding venues in Kalimpong, they have a spacious lawn, banquet halls, wedding planner, and to add more to your relief they have an in-house wedding decorator who is responsible to decorate the ambiance with wedding colors.

Be it a budget wedding in Kalimpong or a high-end wedding reception party, the wedding decorator has a set of comprehensive themes unleashing a barrage of colors and ideas to conceptualize the signature look that you wish to see in your wedding.

The best banquet hall in Kalimpong

Considering the size and space of the hall, it won’t be wrong to acclaim that Summit Barsana Resort and Spa has the best banquet halls in Kalimpong. Other than wedding events, the commodious hall can be booked for a birthday party, anniversary, bachelor party, theme party, and other social-corporate events.

The organized banquet team with all the world experience is way more professional than the others. The state-of-the-art banquet hall has all the modern gadgets and tools for insightful corporate and business events. Besides that, for a social function, we assure you there are no other banquet halls in Kalimpong that have the potential to really ensure a hassle-free conclusion of the program.

Exceptional value, exceptional service

Summit Barsana Resort and Spa is a byproduct of Himalayan hospitality. The unremitting staff of the resort is trained to perfection to carry out the duties they are assigned so when it is a wedding you don’t really have to bother much because for ideas and assistance you have a wedding planner and for your guest staycation the rooms are available to give you a one point solution to all your problems.

So there you have it, Summit Barsana Resort and Spa, a perfect wedding destination in Kalimpong to solemnize the event. The resort has ambiance and amenities besides that years of experience in weddings come along when you book with them. So if your hand is longing for bright colors of Mehendi and a forehead to be smeared by a vermillion from your better half then plan your wedding with the most auspicious resort of Kalimpong.

Tired of searching for the most affordable wedding venues in Kalimpong, then you have been looking at the wrong boxes because Summit Barsana Resort and Spa just a gentle distance away from the town is waiting to make your wedding memorable.

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