With the emergence of the spring season and summer knocking right at the door, what’s your plan to escape the heat? The good news is the Covid-19 restriction is slowly going back to the base and with a kind of vaccination drive, the government is running things are falling into place. The tourism industry of the Himalayan belt after a continuous battering of more than 2 years, is witnessing a great redemption and if everything goes well the hill destinations will see a massive footfall of tourists from the domestic and international circuit.

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The most sensible question in this regard considering how people around India and across the world are waiting to pack their back and put on their traveling shoes to explore, will they find suitable hotels to stay or do they need to re-schedule their plan? It may seem things are being drawn hypothetically but it is not, season of blue if we see the trend has always been a great business season for the Himalayan belt. All thanks to global warming, the soothing breeze blowing from eternal mountains, the monumental valleys, pleasant weather, and heartwarming hospitality are generous invitations the traveler will never deny.

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Now coming back to your plan to visit circuit destinations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Gangtok, dear travelers if you still have not made bookings then you may be playing the wrong bait altogether. The people are lurking to come to enjoy the woods of hill stations and with a generous downpour of snow this winter, the weather condition is expected to remain brighter and better. The tourism and hospitality industry are already on their toes since they know the misery of 2 years though slowly ebbing away but what is to come in the form of footfall will catch them off guard if resources are not channelized in accordance with the situation.

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The unfortunate scenario to say the least no matter how good the working mechanism of the hotel is, no matter how good the technology is during a time of booking problems somehow tends to crop up one way or the other. God forbid if your plans become a victim of technical glitches due to overbooking won’t you feel disappointed? Won’t your family feel disheartened? Analyzing the pros and cons, don’t you think it is always better to book in advance and stay stress-free? The money is going nowhere rather you would have an option to run a research and book as per your comfort. The streamline booking this summer is a tough ask as continuous query and request for quotation via b2b and b2c channel is already stretching a shift of reservation unit and if you fail to take a call, you may find yourself miles away from the dream destination you have been longing to visit.

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As discussed before hill stations, in particular, are seeing a massive curve in terms of expected footfalls, and quite understandably it was expected people are dying to visit the Himalayan circuit. The race to beat the temperature is on this summer and if you miss even by an inch, you may miss an opportunity to explore the best of Himalayan hospitality.

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