Singalila Club - An Abode Of Luxury & Lifestyle

Clubbed with all the contemporary lifestyle and sports amenities we are habituated to, we bring you Singalila the most elite club in Siliguri for the privilege like you to associate yourself with. The silver-lined club is a platform to meet and socialize but the exclusive services that promise to stay for a lifetime can only be enjoyed if you choose to join the league of Singalila by enrolling for membership.

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Siliguri Synopsis

Siliguri, if we talk about its present then it is a circuit destination connecting the most renowned tourist places of India namely Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Gangtok, and make no mistake in coming days the infrastructure of Siliguri will touch the skyline inviting more investment and development.

Clubs in Siliguri

Clubs in Siliguri is a manifest of how modern lives the people are living. There are different types of clubs at different levels but today we will highlight the lifestyle club in Siliguri that caters to the need of families who wish to enjoy life within a boundary of health, well-being, luxury, and comfort without compromising on lifestyle.

Singalila Club

There may be nexus of clubs in Siliguri representing different trends and different lifestyles but Singalila above all is an exclusive property designed to address the needs of a privileged few in a modern and fashionable way.

Leaving all the clubs in Siliguri behind, the Singalila facilities include a swimming pool, state of the art gym with a trainer, in house multi-cuisine restaurant and bar, open space restaurant and bar, lounge, banquet, futsal, Kids playing area, squash, badminton, chess, box cricket, basketball, snooker, yoga, parking facility, space to host any social or corporate events and many more.

To avail the facilities corresponding health, luxury, comfort, and lifestyle the one can enroll for membership. The idea of membership is to retain the charm of the club as an activity routine outlined by the club ensures proper attention to the entire member. Having said that, one must also remember the club is open for walk-in and event hosting against which the amount needs to be paid.


Singalila Club, along the way to Bagdogra Airport, is the best club in Siliguri with so much class and comfort. The beauty of location connecting Bagdogra to Siliguri and Siliguri onwards the club is a prodigy of serenity quite distinct as compared to a hustle-bustle environment of other clubs in Siliguri.


Unlike other clubs in Siliguri, the Singalila highlights the paramount of comfort and luxury. The structure itself is an imposing figure not just from outside but the segmentation from inside underlines why SIngalila without any contest is the best club in Siliguri and around.

The selection of décor, the combination of color, the placement of ornate, the amenities in place, everything is simply undeniable and deserves a round of appreciation for being able to implement the masterclass to skillfully address the needs of the members.


So far the facilities of Singalila club comprising well-being and lifestyle are unmatched by any other clubs in Siliguri. In fact, such diverse and associated the facilities are we can categorize the same into sports, well-being, dining, and events related.

In a modern era when everything is just a click away, the routine to keep us fit and healthy looks a bit dilapidated. Acknowledging the distance we have kept till now from sports, the club presents you with an array of activities you can indulge in to get back into a schedule to address all the physical activities.

Sports facilities

· Futsal: play futsal in a synthetic turf under a clear sky and perspire to improve the metabolism at Singalila, the best club in Siliguri

· Badminton: the designated court just beside the futsal ground is designed to host some competitive match between you and your goal to achieve the level of fitness.

· Basketball: facing the futsal ground, you have a basketball court to bounce off the fatigue.

· Squash: gear yourself up for an inspiring squash match to meet the rush of adrenaline.

· Chess: tease your brain with some tricky moves to trap the King.

· Snooker: cue the ball to test if the other can make a shot to pot the ball in the leading country club in Siliguri

· Box Cricket: cut the cutlers to pad up and swing the bat in an arc to smash the ball out of the park.

Well being

· Swimming pool: dive and swim across before basking the sun under a clear sky.

· Gym: do some cardio or pick some rowing machine there are endless cutting edge technologies and equipment to get you up and running.

· Yoga: embrace the positivity coming out from the correct posture leaning to a perfect habit to boost the immunity at the best club in Siliguri.

Kids playing area

A designated speck of land just next to the basketball court is reserved for kids to entertain themselves with slides, spring ride, swings, and seesaws. Besides that, the in-house playing area has been carved to ensure your kids are not a victim of any kind of dull moments.

Restaurant and Bar


Silver fir, the in-house restaurant, and bar is a landmark where the essence of multi-cuisine dissolves in the air arousing taste buds to munch into delicacies. The urbane ambiance is notched beautifully with archetypical seating arrangements ensuring proper space for guests to enjoy the menu without being disturbed.

The bar of restaurant and menu in comparison to other clubs in Siliguri is handpicked. The service symbiotic and selection of barrels are exclusively distinct, justifying the league it is categorized into.

Open space bar and restaurant

The manicured lawn of the club is the best place to be seated and eat. The abundance of space has been utilized to perfection with the sensible placement of a table and chair accompanied by a bonfire in the middle. The open space bar and restaurant is by far the most inviting setting the other clubs in Siliguri could hardly offer to guests.

Banquet Hall

banquet hall in siliguri

Magnolia, a splendid Banquet hall is a living testimonial of how a Singalila club is changing the rhetoric of clubs in Siliguri. Well-furnished with modern technical tools, the banquet hall is ideal to host all social and corporate events.

Lounge and rooftop

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The lounge and rooftop of Singalila Club are designed to host a multitude of events. The commodious section is where the after-night gets loud to celebrate the events of life with colorful lights joining the crowd to up the excitement.

The accumulation of everything for everyone under one single roof apparently goes unchallenged by any other clubs in Siliguri perhaps that’s the reason why the Singalila club is considered the best club in Siliguri dawning a new era to complement the lifestyle of the people.

Come and be a member and explore what’s it’s like to be a member of the best club in Siliguri.