It is often said, the people born in Darjeeling are fortunate because they live amidst the glory of mountains, under the magnificence of the clear sky, and along the line of valleys and gorges. Perhaps to experience the same the people come from every corner of the world and spend their days in hotels of Darjeeling and carry home a bouquet of memories with a promise to visit again.

Mall road, Darjeeling

Since time immemorial Mall road, Darjeeling has been a place to attract tourists. Due to its potential, there are nexus of hotels overlooking the mesmerizing mountain and ravines transpiring the heavenly feeling across the valley to consolidate a love for Darjeeling.

Hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling

Hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling is the most searched place to stay as far as the preference of traveler is concerned. Understandably, the location above all is a primary reason behind its popularity amongst tourists but there is one that stands out from the crowd to give you the best experience of a staycation in Darjeeling.

Summit Oakden Resort and Spa,

hotels in darjeeling

Summit Oakden Resort and Spa, set at Mall Road, Darjeeling is a premium heritage property designed to offer utmost comfort to travelers. The snug room of the resort is urbane and opens to a soul-searching view of the clear mountains and valleys.

The colonial architecture and the sprawling lawn are other defining features of the resort which are quite distinct when compared with other hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling.



The well-thought room is carved to ensure optimum relaxation for travelers beside that the congenial rooms are categorized into premium view rooms and premium view rooms with sofa cum bed. Either way, one thing is for sure the captivating view which is not promised by other hotels on Mall road, in Darjeeling is assured by Oakden Resort and Spa.

The rooms are family-friendly and have sufficient space to induct amenities to make your stay pleasant.

Amenities and services

With so many hotels on Mall Road, Darjeeling specifying their amenities and services to lure the traveler, the facilities and services of Oakden Resort and Spa meet the fundamental needs of the guest. The in-room amenities are decked to define the brand Summit in a most hospitable way, and sn outdoor amenities like spa, in-house multi-cuisine restaurant, a banquet for social-corporate events stand apart to truly live up to the expectations of our beloved visitant.

For services, you can unquestionably trust the hospitality of Summit Oakden Resort and Spa. The 24-hour room service, front office assistance, and steward to walk you through and assist you throughout your dining time is some of the most lucrative and inviting services one can offer to give you an impeccable experience of unmatched Oakden conviviality.


The colonial architecture with a sprawling lawn is so magnetic and inviting. The rooms of the resort are enamel with warm and bright colors; the use of the wooden panel to keep the urbane essence and keep out the cold weather makes your stay warm and truly Himalayan type.

The structural pattern unlike other hotels on Mall Road, Darjeeling is beautiful and a blend of cottage and storey type modal housing 30 spacious and categorized rooms, in-house restaurant, banquet, parking area, and spa center.



Hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling rarely focus on housing the restaurant but Summit Oakden is diverse. To acknowledge the taste and preferences of guests, the resort has a designated multi-cuisine restaurant with inspiring seating to accommodate people who wish to enjoy food in a restaurant by trying a restaurant menu prepared by a professional chef.


There is no better experience than an experience of reinventing oneself, the Spa for the same is a perfect remedy to indulge in the positivity of life. The aromatic oil with health benefits when rubbed releases the negative energy essentially detoxifying a body to a certain extent.

The spiritual environment is marked by the essence of purifying incense and a flickering glow of candlelight, the spa is a healing experience that is not highlighted by hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling other than Summit Oakden Resort and Spa.

Banquet hall

Mall road, Darjeeling is a center of events and due to its quiet location exposing the beauty of mountains it is the place where social and corporate events are celebrated. Hotels in Mall Road, Darjeeling understand the importance of having a banquet but no banquet is as affluent and spacious as Summit Oakden Resort and Spa.

Equipped with state of amenities to host corporate and social events, the Banquet hall is up for accommodating good numbers to celebrate the events of life.

Mall Road, Darjeeling is dotted with a variety of hotels but Summit Oakden Resort and Spa is an epitome of comfort and luxury, it is not just a resort but an experience that you would love to take home as a souvenir from Darjeeling.