Hotels in MG Marg, Gangtok

The joy of staying at the center of Gangtok is a different feeling altogether and who other than our guest can describe the feeling of how monumental the Himalayan hospitality of Summit Oriental is a boutique hotel in MG Marg, Gangtok.

MG Marg, a preferred location

Every year, we see the Himalayan state of Gangtok flooded with tourists and amongst them, only a few lucky get their hands on keys to hotels in MG Marg, Gangtok, or hotels near MG Marg Gangtok. The resounding demand has all got to do with connectivity the location provides to connect with tourist attractions of Gangtok and more so it is a social and cultural pot of the state with people connecting instantly with its easy-going atmosphere.

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Reciprocal effect

With the growing demand for hotels in MG Marg, Gangtok during the season the cost-push effect demoralizes a pocket of travelers and that’s when we come in with Summit Oriental Boutique Hotel centrally located in MG Marg to host travelers without going heavy on their budget. Along with Summit Oriental, the two other budget hotels near MG Marg Gangtok are Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel and Spa and Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa. Together they form a triad to welcome tourists to the most hospitable backyard of Gangtok.

Summit Oriental Boutique Hotel

Welcome to Summit Oriental Boutique hotel a profound property set in MG Marg, Gangtok. Our resounding abode prospered with standard room amenities ensuring a maxim of comfort to a guest so they enjoy their well-earned vacation creating memories than counting days.

Along with a profusion of facilities, the rooms are well-organized and categorized depicting elegance to invite the realm of positivity with the valley just a curtain away from our rooms.

The multi-cuisine restaurant right at the hotel's entrance is some of the finest global cuisine resto bars of Gangtok and more so the hygiene we maintain to serve our guests with the best-cooked food from the heart of the kitchen is delightfully satisfying.

Now as we move on from elegance of room décor to pleasantries of flavor there are several other features that make Summit Oriental Boutique Hotel the most sought-after hotel in MG Marg Gangtok. Having said that let’s discuss the other inviting aspects which include the most definite location, well connected to adjoining tourist attractions, complimentary services like Wi-Fi, an in-house bar, and many more.

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Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa

Walking the broad avenue of MG Marg, after a beautiful stay at Summit Oriental Boutique hotel it’s time to explore the hospitality of Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa which is roughly a distance of 5 minutes from here.

Quaintly settled on a slope overlooking the majestic town of Gangtok the blissful serenity of the hotel will win your heart. When you are busy alluring the spacious surroundings, the clear sky hovering above the building will force you to foster an imagination if the exterior is such how elegant an interior would be. And to answer this you need to step inside and the moment you step into our hotel, you will be welcomed in a true Himalayan style and as you make your way towards your room, the synergy will dwell deep into your soul marking a perfect beginning of your vacation.

The immersive experience and impeccable service of Summit Namnang Courtyard and Spa are the best in its class with the rates so affordable it is perhaps the best budget hotel near MG Marg.

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Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel and Spa

Descending down from the Namnang Courtyard towards MG Marg and a little further to Kazi Road, you have Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel and Spa; our luxurious property representing a triad of Summit hotels is a most sought-after hotel near MG Marg, Gangtok.

The defining space of Ttakshang connects you instantly with an unparalleled holiday experience with amenities serenely inviting and comfort-oriented. The idea of exceptional value and exceptional service that determines the working ethos of our hotel is practiced to perfection so our guest's imaginations are fulfilled in a way they stop looking beyond our service.

With the hotel industry growing thick and fast it is difficult to choose a hotel and it is not just limited to choosing there are several other factors that come along to conclude a carefree stay that’s why Summit Hotels and Resorts, a one-stop solution to introduce you to a luxurious stay in a bloom field valley of Gangtok.

Fascinate yourself with an immersive experience of luxury stay at Summit Hotels and Resorts in MG, Marg, Gangtok. The profound property distinctively beautiful and characteristically hospitable will let you explore the highlands while introducing you to a lesser-known culture of the Sikkim people.

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