To say there are innumerable elite restaurants in Darjeeling is an overstatement but there are selected few designed to address the sleepy evening where you are guaranteed to prance your leg in a comfort enjoying the majestic milieu of Himalayan chronicles.

Darjeeling at a glance

Sleeping quietly in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling a land of thunder is one of the top tourist destinations where travelers comes from across the world to see the mystical magical mountains, cascading waterfalls, terrestrial tea estates, and harmony of heritage.

Multi-cuisine restaurants in Darjeeling

Darjeeling being a home of food lovers with its own distinct flavors and charm, the traveler will surely smell the opportunity to bite some good food at some of the best restaurants in Darjeeling.

1. Muscatel multi-cuisine restaurant Darjeeling

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Embodying the freshness of flavors, the Muscatel, is one of the best family restaurants in Darjeeling to eat together embracing the picturesque beauty of the valley through roof-top settings.

The surreal location standalone wins the show but the menu comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian highlights how the best rooftop restaurant in Darjeeling takes care of everyone's preference of food.

The local cuisine, a contrast to what you have been eating so far would be something new but worthy to try. Come and eat at Muscatel and carry a flavor back home as a souvenir to your visit.

2. Sandakphu multi-cuisine restaurant Darjeeling


There is something satiating about the Sandakphu multi-cuisine restaurant, the vibe, ambiance, or something but it comes out together nicely to create a flavorful moment for the food lovers.

The well-thought menu of a restaurant is symbolic to a culinary masterpiece designed to meet the preference of all types of guests. The service is second to one, here you are assured to feel the love and flexibility which unfortunately is found deserted at some of the best restaurants in Darjeeling.

3. Orchid multi-cuisine restaurant Darjeeling

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If you are craving some good and equally hygienic food then your stoppage should be Orchid multi-cuisine restaurant. Set at the heart of the main town Darjeeling, the Orchid is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Darjeeling where food has become a staple diet to delight the taste buds.

The chic-looking ambiance with a cozy seating arrangement speaks a great volume of comfort. The stewards on the other hand dressed professionally are always at your service to walk you through the menu to help you select the flavors from the ocean.

4. Alpina multi-cuisine restaurant Darjeeling


Working constantly to feed a beloved guest with distinct flavors, the Alpina multi-cuisine restaurant is an inspiringly structured hub to munch a set of global cuisine perfected by a master chef of the restaurant.

The mesmerizing glory of the roof-top with an uninterrupted view of the valley and mount Kanchenjunga will solemnize your affair with food scripting a flavorsome story you would love reading again and again.

The hygienic approach which can be felt the moment you step inside, the Alpina is a landmark for food mongers. From preparation to presentation, from the selected menu to personalized service the restaurant rolls over all the old practices performed by restaurants in Darjeeling to present something worthy, something truly Alpina.

Restaurant in Mall Road, Darjeeling

There is a different feeling when you sit down and eat at restaurants in Mall road, Darjeeling. The environment to be precise and the history associated with the colonial era unfold unanimously to introduce you to the true colors of Darjeeling.

5. Oakden Alpina multi-cuisine restaurant Darjeeling

Alpina - Multi-cuisine Restaurant in Darjeeling at Summit Oakden Resort & Spa

Snuggled in Mall road, Darjeeling the Oakden Alpina is a darling of every foodie around the town. The wonderful restaurant with an illustrious menu gives you a reason to eat and repeat. The location in the first place is sublime and then an incessant view of the valley and mountains absolutely lives up to a hype the restaurant is generally associated with.

Regardless to say, it is the best restaurant in Mall road, Darjeeling with everything right in place, it would be a little unjust not to treat your tummy with the delicacies of Oakden Alpina.

Darjeeling being a center of tourism in North Bengal is also home to some of the best restaurants where travelers can spend time enjoying the view of the serene valley while eating the gourmet fresh from the heart of Himalaya. So, if you are around lurking to eat some succulent dishes representing the global cuisine, now you have the name and the address, just come and be a guest of the moment.