What if I say apart from a Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros of Kaziranga there is one restaurant which is equally famous and lives to preserve the finest tradition of North-East, what would you say? Well there is one that stands out in terms of flavors, ambiance, and amenities, and what’s more interesting is, it is the best restaurant in Kazirangato eat with friends and family after an inspiring visit to Kaziranga National Park.

Into the woods of Kaziranga

A landmark to wildlife bio-diversity, Kaziranga is a pristine tourist destination of Assam. The vast expanse of forest helmed by mystical tea estates and remote rural life, the Kaziranga is home to absolute serenity with people coming from every corner of the world to enjoy the vacation.

Restaurant in Kaziranga

Honestly, Kaziranga being a hotbed of tourism is home to a league of restaurants but we know it’s not a matter of choice or taste but a little bit of both. Hence we present you Kholong, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Kaziranga cuddled in a lap of nature astounding tourists with its out-of-the-box setup.

The Kholong

Amidst the adventure of the National Park, the Kholong sits quietly enjoying the harmony of nature welcoming tourists in its arms of hospitality with flavorful sessions to go down in a lane of memories.

Restaurant timings - 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Natun Danga, Rangalu, Jakhalabandha, District Nagon.

For Book Your Seat Contact no: 9101700645


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Structural design

It does not always happen when a writer creates a separate segment to talk about the structural design of the restaurant but Kholong is a different case altogether. This restaurant in Kaziranga structured in the shape of the cave with an adventurous effigy of a King-Kong holding the wrecked helicopter outside welcomes you to the open space and in-house restaurant.

The cave house made of stone is practically an instance of a brilliant concept as the element of light, arrangement of seating, the inclusion of bamboo in decoration; everything put together looks so surreal you won’t be able to resist the temptation.

The vibe and the atmosphere of the in-house cave restaurant are electrifying. In fact, no other restaurants in Kaziranga can compete with the settings of Kholong. Assimilating the glory of nature and the relevance of wildlife, the cave restaurant unfolds the aura of old age highlighting the multiverse of modern architecture.

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The first and the only cave restaurant in Kaziranga

When you are eating at Kholong, you are not just investing your time and money but you are eating at the first and the only cave restaurant in Kaziranga. Conceptualized by non-other than Mr. Nitish Roy, the famous art director, and designer for Ramoji Roy film city, the Kholong is not just a familiar restaurant it is marvel of mind one must discover while coming to Kaziranga.

Menu and live kitchen

The menu of the Kholong contrary to other restaurants in Kaziranga is multi-culinary with delicious platters handpicked from a cluster of Italian menu, Oriental, Indian, continental, Chinese and local Assamese cuisine.

Best pick in a traditional category: The assorted Assamese cuisine like Kawoi fish curry, Sital, Magur, Borali and Ari Gorai fish simmer in a traditional kitchen would envelop your taste-buds with a sensation of authentic flavors.

The live kitchen in the open space lawn of the restaurant is another bewitching element where travelers can ask the chef for a quick brunch under a clear sky enjoying the bliss of solitary nature.

Food customization: Kholong, being a leading restaurant in Kaziranga, food customization is a distinct and interesting aspect one can ever come up with. The initiative is to take care of the preference of the traveler besides that it underlines the mastery of chefs in the culinary world

Open-air Restaurant

Just beside a humungous figurine of King Kong, you have an open-air setting, quite distinct in the race to other restaurants in Kaziranga. The inviting space is designed to let the footfall integrate their mood with the magnificence of nature.

While you sit and wait for your order to be served hot on a table, be prepared for silence to be shrill by the chirping of birds in the vast of the jungle.

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Services and amenities

There are two things the restaurant needs to be good at, the first is food and the second is service Kholong the restaurant in Kaziranga is without a question stands on top, on both the parameters. The staff is trained to grace the occasions.

The amenities by far are the most synergetic taking care of all the fundamental needs of the guests.

Perhaps to really estimate the credentials of the Kholong, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Kaziranga, you must pay a visit here and see to yourself how tranquility, when combined with savory of food, can make a whole lot of things happen in one mouthful bite.

Kholong, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Kaziranga is a wonderful place to eat with friends and family. From food to flavor, from ambiance to amenities the restaurant has everything to make your visit surreal and eventful.