The big fat Indian weddings are known for their food and celebrations but the most important element that compounds everything is the venue. So in Siliguri, if you are looking for a celebrated wedding venue to solemnize the relationship then Singalila Club is a place to be. The finest club in Siliguri is not just known for its best banquet hall in Siliguri but has all the constituents related to weddings to formalize the event in a most storytelling and captivating manner.

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Magnolia-the banquet hall

banquet hall in siliguri

Magnolia is a beautifully crafted banquet hall in Siliguri opening to a lawn curated by an arch that sits as a backdrop for perfect wedding photography. The spacious hall illuminated by lights and accouterments essential for weddings and events in Siliguri Magnolia is perhaps the best wedding venue in Siliguri.

Great location, exceptional service

Away from the hustle and bustle of town, the Singalila Club is a luxurious property allowing weddings to be officiated in a perpetual manner. The spacious club is renowned for hosting lavish parties and functions, it is definitely an ideal place to host a reception party for it has the commodious banquet hall in Siliguri.

The service is simple yet significant; they seem to have mastered the art of hosting a crowd in a comfortable way. It almost feels like a wedding reception and other such events where individual attention seems an impossible task let alone managing the pool of guests making their way to attend the ceremony they seamlessly flourish reflecting on concrete planning they work onto allowing everyone to preside with a sense of pride amidst the grandeur of luxury.

In-house decorator

The beauty of a banquet hall in Siliguri or any wedding venue in Siliguri for that matter is elevated by how the decorator understands the dimension to work with the space and corner to enamel the stage with proper floral essence and tinkle of lights.

Singalila Club has an in-house decorator to set the stage and add mercurial colors to turn the wedding into a memorial walk of life. The set of a team as per your specification will plan the theme and execute the same so the first thing the guests come to notice is the décor of the banquet hall before going on to say this is the best décor of a banquet hall in Siliguri.

Singalila, a great wedding destination in Siliguri

In the season of the wedding, people often run their head from one wedding venue to others in Siliguri in search of a perfect place to host the wedding but then fails mercilessly with the rates touching the sky almost making it impossible to conduct the reception in a way it is planned. That’s where Singalila comes to the rescue with its setup to comfort people not just through delivering what it promises but then it goes easy on the pocket as compared to other wedding venues in Siliguri.

The best part of hosting a wedding in Singalila club is it has the best banquet hall in Siliguri set with all essentials besides that the selection of food is wedding oriented and could be cooked in accordance to your taste and preferences.

The privacy

What we have seen in most of the banquet halls in Siliguri is a lack of privacy wherein a sense of discomfort is felt by guests with uninvited guests disturbing the gathering and sometimes the location steals all the glory and highlights that are supposed to be preserved to give that wedding vibe.

In Singalila, the beauty of privacy is well maintained perhaps the location is not in the midst of the town but still, the prime landmark in Siliguri allows guests to enjoy the moment in serenity.

Plan your wedding now

Since the best banquet hall in Siliguri is not far besides that it has the environment and amenities required to solemnize the wedding so if you hear the ringing of wedding bells then contact Singalila Club, the finest club in Siliguri and plan your wedding with the expert to smoothly formalize the event.

Starting from space to décor, the ambiance to the atmosphere, the music to food, and the privacy to service the banquet hall of Singalila is the best wedding venue in Siliguri to go with.

A wedding is an important event in anyone’s life, it not only connects heart but brings two families into a union of one, it is a celebration that nobody wants to mess up but in a quest of getting everything right things may fall off the place that’s why Singalila club a perfect wedding accomplice to get the job done. So what are you waiting for? If you have a plan to get hitched then come to Singalila it has the best banquet hall in Siliguri with a lawn and all essentials to start the new chapter of life.