Have you tried visiting Darjeeling & Gangtok during Monsoon?

A narrative has so long been set in our mind as October till March as the best time to visit Hill stations might change if you fancy your chance to explore the destinations graved at the foothills of the Himalayas during the season of monsoon. The gentle deluge soaking the land evenly spreading the essence of earthy scent is a different glimpse altogether that most travelers tend to miss while trying to catch the rush of spring, summer, and months after autumn.

Assemblage of nature

After a substantial stay of summer, the monsoon cloud starts hovering around the sky to quench the thirst of the land to display the lush greenery the hill station has in store. The brilliant downpours drench the mountain, refreshing the beauty and the birth of springs from the dense woods and elevations indiscriminately overhaul the brilliance of the valley, alleviating its splendor to add freshness to the air.


The rhythm of drizzles when it collides with the surface not just it leaves the land with an inalienable joy but the pleasant tune fills the ear with a distinct euphoria of music played solely by nature to amuse the locals. The spree of cascading waterfalls making its way to the mouth of rivers bending and breaking through the gorge has a distinct roaring sound that can only be felt if you plan a visit to hill stations during the season of monsoon.

Fine-tune of clouds intertwined with a dense of fog

The saturated clouds with rainfalls bring one of a kind view of the valley which is overwhelmed by a thick blanket of clouds and in a level field, a misty spray of dense delightful fog adorns the land sprinkling moisture of freshness

Picturesque landscape


If summer was a mirror to bask in a promised land of beauty then the monsoon is a reflection of how the image is supposed to be. The continuous downpour clears the pollution contaminated in the air exposing a crystal clear view of the valley surmounted by lush greenery which definitely is a sight to behold.

The upspring of flowers in a terraced land of Himalaya exhibiting an array of colors compiled with the greenery of surrounding offers a bespoke beauty that summer could hardly present to travelers. The distinct culture of glamour it brings is unmatched by any perhaps only a few have been fortunate enough or let’s say was not a perspective traveler, therefore, they could own and azure the memories of the monsoon of hill stations.

Destinations to visit

Out of all the hill stations regardless of how sustainable tourism they have, if you have not bicker about the chronicles of Eastern Himalayas and North-East then you have not seen the world at all. The monsoon here is not just a continuous downpour but a celebration for people to rejoice and repose.

The journey itself is an exciting drive to wheel upon, the adventurous turn at every bend revealing the brisk nature dancing like daffodils in scalable valleys scribbles a perfect note of your vacation.

Hotels to stay

Of course, a vacation without a proper place to stay will ruin the entire fun of the monsoon that’s why you have Summit Hotels and Resorts, the first largest and the most preferred Himalayan hospitality brand with the best deals to align with your plan.

In Darjeeling, they have 5 distinct properties all designed to carefully address the needs of the traveler. Besides that, each of the properties is located in prime locations of Darjeeling so you get the best spot in the house while coming here.

Promoting destination through circuit staycation you have 6 premium properties in mainland Gangtok connecting you with the all-time favorable travel sites to visit in Gangtok. All 6 properties come with handpicked amenities taking care of your needs willfully.

Then in Kalimpong which is approximately an hour away from Darjeeling Summit Hotels and Resorts has 2 well-crafted properties away from the hustle and bustle of the town to offer you the peace that you have long been searching for.

Things to eat

Welcome monsoon with a buffet of local food while walking the street, the steamy and spicy gourmet will tempt your tummy to dig in.

The momo for instance is the most lucrative and mouth warming food to enjoy listening to the drizzling sound of the monsoon.

Try sipping the hot soup basking the essence of mixed vegetables oozing out from the bowl filled with noodles and chutney. How about a quarter bowl serve with an aloo dum topped with bhuja or mimi to drench your sensory with overwhelming flavors

Or the best you could do is help yourself with a cup of aromatic Darjeeling organic tea to accustom yourself to a history that blooms every year in a glistening field of Darjeeling.

We are sure you can’t wait for the monsoon to knock on the door of the Eastern Himalayas and North East because you have so far been enjoying the month from October till March but this time around flip the needle and visit from July till September and soak your imagination with a purity and freshness.