Whenever you plan your stay it is pretty obvious to go with the best hotels not because we have a world of future to spend on but because comfort, safety, and security have their own importance. In the small hill station of Kalimpong, although it all seems quiet that is of course when the tourist is not in the town but during the season the dynamics change drastically, and those hotels dotted around and off the town are a great example of how Kalimpong is loved and enjoyed by travelers from across the world.

All about the chronicles of Kalimpong

Set in between two of the mightiest ridges namely Deolo Hill and Durpin Hill, Kalimpong is a mystical hill station roughly 120 minutes away from Darjeeling. The salubrious climate of the region is what attracts the traveler more besides that the place is blessed with numerous mainland travel attractions and offbeat destinations adding more excitement for travelers planning to visit Kalimpong.

Hotels in Kalimpong

Being a playground of tourism, the Kalimpong town has different categories of hotels. From luxurious properties to budget hotels, from family-friendly hotels to boutique properties, from heritage hotels to splendid resorts. There is hardly anything you won’t find in terms of hospitality because there is everything one would require to make the visit memorable.

From all the class of hotels, today we thought of walking you through to two of the best hotels in Kalimpong that defines hospitality through a different spectrum of colors. These hotels we will discuss have all the facilities you require and those facilities without a doubt address all the requirements you need to make your stay in Kalimpong memorable.

Summit Barsana Resort and Spa

Premium Room 3

Summit Barsana Resort and Spa, a premium property owned by Summit Hotels and Resorts is one of the best hotels in Kalimpong. The hotel has 14 well-appointed deluxe rooms with 6 family rooms making it a classic family-friendly hotel to stay in Kalimpong.


Set at a quaint location, away from the clutter of the town Summit Barsana Resort and Spa is embraced by a nature giving you the best break of summer with a cool breeze whistling through the dense to refresh your mind.

Manicured lawn

The vast expanse of the resort is covered by a sprawling lawn which again is well-appointed with a seating area, and a dining table opening to a magical view of the mountains. A peaceful time here in the morning or evening will definitely bring you close to nature perhaps that’s the reason why the Summit Barsana is considered one of the best hotels to stay in Kalimpong.

Rooms and amenities

The spacious rooms embossed with bright jubilant colors endow positivity besides the room amenities highlighting the art of hospitality and complimenting the fact that Summit Barsana is reviewed as the best hotel in Kalimpong.


When most of the hotels in Kalimpong are far from advocating the benefits of a spa, Summit Barsana Resort and Spa supremely promotes the health-related profits of the spa. The entire property looks compact with all the dots coming together to form concrete hospitality which travelers look for when traveling to any place in the world.

Summit Lillium Hotel and Spa


An amalgamation of clean aesthetics and relaxed elegance, Summit Lillium Hotel and Spa is a flagship property of Summit Hotels and Resorts. The place is a blissful experience when visiting Kalimpong as the hotel is clamped with all the modern amenities making it one of the best hotels in Kalimpong to stay in.


Out of all the hotels in Kalimpong that are looking to boost the tourism of Kalimpong, Summit Lillium Hotel and Spa has the best if not the paramount location. From the corridor of hotels, travelers can view the majestic spell of Mount Kanchenjunga binding the city into one. The traveler can unravel the unfurling of cloud covering the whole city and minutes after diminishing to display the beauty of town dotted by numerous buildings scorching out from different villages conveying the charm of colors appealing the eye.

In house restaurant

Out of all the amenities the hotel has, the in-house multi-cuisine restaurant named Machan would be quite an amazing experience for the traveler who loves a flavorsome platter muse with the beauty of natural surroundings. Such is its aura, that only a few hotels in Kalimpong could come close to matching its atmosphere or in a footnote, we can say perhaps it is the only hotel in Kalimpong that has such a delightful in-house multi-cuisine restaurant.

Banquet hall

From social gatherings to big fat Indian weddings, from corporate events to small-scale events, the banquet hall of Summit Lillium Hotel and Spa is apt and equally adequate to meet all types of demands of guests.

This concludes the compilation of the best hotels to stay in Kalimpong. Although it may seem biased for coming out with only two hotels in Kalimpong but the effort is to introduce you to the best hotels of Kalimpong so your stay at Kalimpong remains memorable and worth visiting again.