How do you rate the success of any party? Do you go by the number of people attending the party or by the conclusion of the event in compliance with the comfort of the people? Well in the case of Singalila Club it was a permutation combination of both and by the time the people realize the gravity of the bash the biggest and the most successful party of this summer had already met its fate.

Anyasa for the first time in Siliguri

Never before in the history of clubbing in Siliguri, a DJ of such stature and esteem had ever rocked the stage but with Singalila, Anyasa came, he saw and conquered the crowd embroidering the everlasting frequency of music in the minds of the people.

DJ Anyasa

Silence before a storm

With a decision to host DJ Anyasa at Singalila Club, the message was already sent. In fact, a rough picture of how colossal the event was going to be was briefly outlined in a storehouse of the brain but never in the wildest imagination would a crowd have thought that authority of Singalila would be stamped in a book of history for now and forever.

Within a day or two, the tickets were sold out in fact we had to reprint the ticket to accommodate the crowd. The coupons had to be reused to meet the demands but above all, the most satisfying thing about the entire event was there was no single instance of troublesome moments.

The stage was set, the lights were bolstering the sky, the sounds were checked and the security was placed in all loose corners to defy the undesirable turnouts. By 5.30 pm, the people slowly started walking in and in no time the pool of people turn into an ocean of crowd grooving with the euphoric beats of DJ Anyasa.

The way the crowd was interacting with an environment and connecting with a beat it was undeniably evident that they were enjoying an open-air event beside the pool and loving every moment rather hoping the party to get on till the cracking of dawn.

Refined menu and assorted drinks

Sticking true to the rules of not promoting alcohol to minors, the club was strictly serving drinks to only adults complimenting the same with a variety of edibles coming fresh out of the kitchen of Singalila.

With drinks in one hand and the other hand in the air, the DJ Anyasa Night so far is the most convincingly successful event by some good distance. The proper planning and pruning of the event with the main bar supported by supplementary bars ensure the crowd did not have to wait for years for the glasses to be filled beside that the lounge and banquet area was used strategically to serve a variety of selected flavors.

Behind the success of such a grand event, each member of the team played a responsible part. Throughout the episode, a great act of professionalism was shown that’s why the Anyasa night hosted by Singalila has become the talk of the town

No room for hooligans

Since it was a party attended by a privileged class, the security of the inbound attendee along with securing the perimeter outside was very crucial which was done effectively. Besides that, the civilized section under an influence of alcohol refrained from getting into any kind of quarrel rather got associated with a wonderful act performed by DJ Anyasa to enjoy the moment.

A memorable end

At the stroke of midnight with the firecrackers lighting the endless sky the curtains were finally pulled only to be lifted for a few more hours to entertain the crowd. Finally at around 1.30 am with Anyasa done with his gigs the crowd was mellowed down slowly making their way back home with a hangover of Anyasa’s soundtrack.

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A promise to a new start

The finest conclusion of the event can never be inviting until it promises to come tomorrow with a bang better than before. Singalila Club definitely with an astounding conclusion of the event rose through ranks within a night establishing itself as the most promising club to host the events.

The next episode for sure would be more exciting and electrifying with an exclusive patio reserved for our exclusive members till then, remember the name Singalila Club, a gateway to enjoy a wonderful gift called life.