A way to a men’s heart is through his stomach, we might want to reconsider this saying because let’s be honest who does not crave good food, in fact, the whole world is crazy that’s why we have restaurants around to serve us a platter satiating our appetite.

And since we are talking about restaurants have you ever tried eating at Blossom, the best restaurant and bar in MG Marg Gangtok, the most hospitable and Himalayan place on earth. If not then you are missing big time. The well-thought restaurant is not just known for its prime location but the marvel of taste served professionally at an inviting table is an art of the highest magnitude.

MG Marg, Gangtok

An epicenter of everything the Gangtok could ever be, MG Marg the long stretch of aisle embossed on either side with a multiverse of restaurants, fashion hubs, hotels, and wine shop is a social and cultural wok of Gangtok.

Be it, locals or tourists, the place holds a special spot in everyone’s heart. It’s a melting pot comprising the essence of history and modern elegance. Besides that its location compounds to widespread connectivity ensuring a smooth commute to the rest of the Gangtok.

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Blossom, the Multi-cuisine restaurant and bar in MG Marg, Gangtok

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Like an effigy at the center, the Blossom blooms at the heart of the MG Marg spreading an essence of a morsel of love. The restaurant in its league is one of a kind corroborating nutrition, hygiene, amenities, ambiance, elegance, flavors, and hospitality.

The refreshing menu takes you into a food vacation navigating the spoon into an aroma of Chinese foods, tangs of continental, a spring of Tandoor, a spice of Indian food well served with hot and cold beverages.

That’s not all, the all-day menu unlike top restaurants and bars of MG Marg, Gangtokis very subtle, distinct, urbane, and oozing. Of course, the appetizers and desserts on the card are most unlikely to be debarred from a burp of attention. In fact, together it completes the food circle that we long to be part of.

Address - New market, Gangtok Sikkim 737101
Phone Number - 9907932886 and 93320111470


Sip a selected barrel of malt infused with a touch of incredible Himalayan hospitality. The bar menu of the Blossom features a handpicked collection of whisky, scotch, tequila, vodka, beer, rum, and cocktails.


Living a standard of a top family restaurant in MG Marg, Gangtok; the Blossom multi-cuisine restaurant and bar is not just about vivid cuisine and flavors but the scintillating ambiance adorned with the brilliance of décor is something to talk about.

From being centrally located to complimenting the art of cuisine, the beauty of interior etiquettes preserves the spectrum of cordiality which some of the best restaurants and bars in MG Marg, Gangtok fails to adhere or facilitate.


If a flavor of food defines the character of the restaurant then the amenities relate to versatility. When both the elements come together then the service personifies perfection. That’s what Blossom tries to emulate.

Along with a heartwarming welcome, the restaurant is neatly decorated with a symmetrical seating arrangement endowing a marvelous view of the MG Marg. Personalized service with a steward to walk you through the zest of the menu and parade of delicious food is what the blossom has to offer to our foodaholic guests.


At Blossom multi-cuisine restaurant and bar we consider hygiene to be the fundamental factor to treat the incoming guests with a delight of flavors. We believe what we eat has a lot to do with how we keep ourselves. From a health perspective; even the slightest of compromise could later turn into a debacle.

We assure the moment you walk into our pristine restaurant, you will feel the positive energy flowing from a table to the kitchen concluding your dining experience to an ecstatic affair.


An appetite for food has so much to do with a location. Imagine eating a multitude of dishes with no exposure to surrounding or prime location, you may feel content with a service but a catalyst to overall experience may fail to tick all the right boxes.

Such is a relation of cuisine with a location that most of the top restaurants and bars in MG Marg, Gangtokfind themselves in a huddle to grasp the spot but the Blossom effortlessly sits at a location where food tastes better with a splendor of location.

As a human, we yearn for flavors and we spent our fortune to get the best service possible but sometimes our expectations are not fulfilled in a way we would have wished. Considering our attachment towards food, service, and hospitality the Blossom promises to fill the gap created by the best restaurants and bars in MG Marg, Gangtok.