In a metropolis like Siliguri, to find a good restaurant to eat is not a big deal but if you are amongst those who loves, a bit of class and ambiance to go with a set of cuisine then Silver Fir, the multi-cuisine restaurant on the way to Bagdogra Airport is a perfect place to drop by to eat a savory of gourmet prepared by a professional chef under a professional nutritional guideline.

Silver Fir – The Multi-cuisine Restaurant in Siliguri

In a category of best restaurants in Siliguri, without a shade of doubt, The Silver Fir stands alone to attract the food lover from different pockets. The multi-cuisine restaurant apart from being a family-friendly restaurant in Siliguri is more of a rustic hub where people of all ages no matter what the occasion is can walk in and enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner to carve a wonderful food memory.

  • Transit lunch/dinner

Owing to its perfect location along the line of Bagdogra Airport, the Silver Fir multi-cuisine restaurant comes out as a restaurant where travelers can break for lunch or dinner before traveling onwards.

Throughout the road towards Bagdogra Airport to Siliguri, there is no better place other than Silver Fir to eat, enjoy and rejuvenate.

  • Menu of the Silver Fir

From mouth warming confectionary to nutritional North Indian cuisine, from hot and spicy Chinese foods to sizzling Asian delectables. The menu is an inviting picture of what is to be served at the table which again is comprehensively matched by the urbane vibe of the restaurant.

As with other restaurants in Siliguri, it may just be limited to eating and packing up but at Silver Fir, it is an experience, a journey of food longing to be completed by food lovers.

  • Location

Appetite for food is very much enhanced by the settings and location of the restaurant and honestly, there is only a handful of restaurants in Siliguri and among that Silver Fir unquestionably is the most premium and privileged one.

Seamless connectivity to Bagdogra Airport and down the hill to Siliguri and Eastern Himalaya, the location of the restaurant remains unchallenged to date by any other restaurants in Siliguri. Snuggled in perfect conjunction between Bagdogra and Siliguri this family-friendly restaurant is ideal for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian travelers to come and dine.

  • Amenities

The Silver Fir multi-cuisine restaurant is an abode of comfort and the same comfort is not just restricted to food but the facilities available there is a trademark that every restaurant in Siliguri must try and incorporate.

The spacious dining area tucked with hygienic plating over an inviting seating arrangement, the Silver Fir never hesitates to boast its beauty be it food, ambiance, amenities, or luxury. The stewards on duty are duly professional and are always there to walk you through the menu to help you select the best for your afternoon or evening.

The open space just next to the in-house restaurant can be used for your experience to sit and dine while enjoying the bliss of tranquility that remains as an external embellishment to highlight the versatility of the Silver fir, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Siliguri.

  • Ambiance

The holistic environment of the Silver fir is tantalizingly inspiring. A bit of earthy interior solemnized by the craft of comfort, the restaurant has put more focus on keeping it subtle and minimalistic to ensure the space required to eat in leisure is not compromised by a cluster and clutter of unnecessary décor.

  • Hygiene and presentation

The food affair in Silver fir is a celebration. Gratitude to our provider for blessing us with an option hence they respect the occasion by being hygienic. You see the restaurants in Siliguri may not consider this aspect of serving the guest in a way they do but they understand the importance and delivers the best to satiate not just our tummy but the top-notch presentation and sense of color invites onlookers to appreciate the art.

  • Service

Along with food, the service of the Silver Fir, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Siliguri is simply sensational. The staffs are absolutely brilliant and understand the gravity of good service hence they know the ingredients used in preparing the food to help you walk through the menu to serve you the best dish available in the house.

The staff apart from being cordial, empathetic, and welcoming are smart and groomed to meet the standard of professionalism the restaurant associates itself with.

So next time when butterfly of hunger runs through the vacuum spaces of the stomach you know where to dine. The global cuisine restaurant of Siliguri is not just an oasis of food but it is a perfect place to sit and unwind with friends, family, and loved ones.

  • Address

Singalila - Sports & Luxury Club
Uttora Township, Opposite Gossainpur Check Post, Bagdogra, Siliguri - 734013.